Our story begins with a passion to change the rules of the game.

Fueled by Passion and Perseverance

We began with simple goals: to make help desk software we'd want to use and to do business honestly, putting customers first.

Timeless Values

We started with small meetings at Red Robin, just three men (a former CEO, a top-notch developer, and a lawyer) with the guts to experiment. Could we use our leadership experience in IT service management to build a profitable, world-class ITSM software company that placed a higher value on customer loyalty than balance sheets? And, of course, we'd have to self-fund this experiment so as not to be beholden to investors.

Fueled by passion and a stubbornness to persevere, we did it! Nearly a decade later, we're still at it, shining brighter than ever with a large global team of equally passionate employees and partners who appreciate the technology but love customers. We're excited about our future and how each employee, customer, and potential customer will shape that future. Yes, you're the reason for our story now. You make it a noble story, and that's worth celebrating.

Tim Pfeifer, Arlen Feldman, and Vance Brown

A Special Message From CEO, Vance Brown

At Cherwell Software, we’re most passionate about our noble cause—listening to our customers and serving their needs. We desire to live by the "Golden Rule." This idea is embedded in our company tagline: Innovative Technology Built on Timeless Values.

We’re a fast-growing, profitable, privately-owned company—not burdened by public funding. This gives us the time and energy to focus on our customers' needs, and their satisfaction remains our top priority—instead of focusing first on the bottom dollar. This approach pays huge dividends. Customers and people are a first thing, where as money is a second thing. C. S. Lewis said it best, “Put first things first and we get second things thrown in: put second things first and we lose both first and second things.”

I think our company is good at putting first things first.  Our very name reflects this core value of having a lasting mission. Read more about our name. Our owners at Cherwell have a long and successful heritage in this industry. Read more about our team. We desire to build great technology—in an industry we enjoy—while building lasting relationships with both our employees and customers. Because we love our jobs, we have no “exit strategy.” Our desire is to be a classic company that “survives the test of time.” Our easy-to-configure and scalable platform, together with our flexible hosting and pricing models, allow us to serve both small enterprise companies (around 500 employees) and Fortune 500 companies. Although we are a US-based company, we have offices and representatives in different parts of the world, and more than half of our sales are outside of the US. Please give us a chance to see if we really are a different kind of company.

Join the Cherwell community—you will be glad you did!

Warm regards,

Chairman and CEO

About Our Name