Cherwell Cares: Nonprofit Programs & Community Engagement


Cherwell Cares

As a company aligned around heart, humility, honesty, and hunger, our values are at the foundation of all we do. That is why we established the Cherwell Cares program. Rooted in the founders’ vision and the company’s early history, Cherwell’s corporate social responsibility efforts have evolved in recent years.


Cherwell’s Response to COVID-19

With a brand and culture focused on care, we believe that giving back to our local communities is essential. We are committed to helping our customers, employees, and community navigate crisis response, the move to remote work, and service management in an ever-changing world in response to COVID-19. We are also actively encouraging donations to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Response Fund.


A Legacy of Philanthropy

Growing up in Colorado Springs, Cherwell was founded with a team that cared about how the company fit into the broader community. Whether independent or as a group, employees did everything from volunteering for everything from STEM education camps, to puppy rescues and park clean-ups. They would band together to raise money or collect goods to donate to various organizations in the Colorado Springs Each year, Cherwell employees are encouraged to participate in eight hours of community engagement time the community.


Corporate Nonprofit Partner: CodePath.Org

In 2019, Cherwell announced a collaboration with our main nonprofit community partner, CodePath.Org, which provides coding classes and resources to underrepresented college students interested in STEM fields. Although headquartered in California, our goal with CodePath.Org is to be their first Colorado flagship base and to partner with local Colorado university students here to take advantage of’s program and internship offerings.


Cherwell Cares Video

Our annual give back activity during our global conference, Clear 2019. Attendees built guitars for a local youth community center.

2020 Global Giving Week

In effort to activate our global workforce, Cherwell has launched its first annual Global Giving Week. Each of our regional offices and remote employees have identified an organization that will be the focus of their efforts during a week of volunteering collectively as a global company. The seven organizations selected by each region include food banks, education-based nonprofits, disease research, and house building. Additionally, remote employees have picked nonprofits like the humane society and local 5ks for charity. If you would like to learn more, or help us make a difference for these organizations, please click below.


Colorado Springs, CO (HQ)

Habitat for Humanity

Denver, CO

Minds Matter

Reading & Swindon, England

Young Enterprise

Dundee, Scotland

Brain Tumor Research

Munich, Germany

Muencher Tafel Food Bank

Seattle, Washington

Food Life Line

Sydney, Australia

Cancer Council Australia

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