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British Heart Foundation Selects Cherwell Service Management

February 27, 2014 - Royal Wooton Basset, U.K.

When it came to selecting a new service desk solution, IT Helpdesk Manager Delal Miah of the British Heart Foundation knew the sales demo would be important – in fact, he knew it would be key.


"Yes, that’s what I want." The British Heart Foundation Selects Cherwell Service Management®


"I could find 10 products that met the items on our requirements list, but I wanted to see how the products worked, their workflow, look-and-feel, the backend administration and how easy it would be for us to customise the software ourselves without help from consultants," says Delal.


But that was not all. Delal also wanted a solution that complied with ITIL standards and offered out-of-the-box reporting capabilities.


At the start of the selection process, in fact, up until three weeks prior to the purchase deadline, Delal had not heard of Cherwell. It was a consultant who had worked with the British Heart Foundation’s CIO who suggested Cherwell Service Management. Within a couple of days, Delal and his team received an onsite live demo, completed their due diligence, selected Cherwell and changed everything they had originally planned.


What impressed Delal the most about Cherwell Service Management? The responsiveness of the company’s business development and consulting teams combined with the solution’s depth of customisation and graphic user interface (GUI).


"With Cherwell, you can change absolutely everything," says Delal. "I’ve seen very few systems that allow you to customise the whole user interface to how you want it. This was the main thing that really impressed me, and once I saw it, I said, ‘Yes that’s what I want.


Delal wanted a system the technical team and end users would find easy to use so incidents could be managed efficiently with no bottlenecks. This is important to Delal as he believes all organisations should consider both the customer journey when logging an incident and the staff on the back-end managing the incidents.


"The main thing in creating a new Help Desk functionality is usability followed by reporting," says Delal. "If you cannot report what you’ve captured, what’s the point in logging the call? Cherwell offers good reporting capabilities."


Cherwell offers the powerful, built-in Cherwell Report Writer™, dashboards, query-and-export mechanisms, Excel® merge, etc. to report against any data in Cherwell Service Management and can link external data from other systems. Customers can also leverage their investments in existing business intelligence solutions such as Crystal Reports Writer® or Microsoft® SQL Reporting Services. Cherwell Service Management was the first product in the world to be certified as SDI Performance Results Report Compliant with the SDI Service Desk Standard.

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