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Cherwell Helps Companies Combat Software Licensing Risk and Complexity with Latest Product Release

November 04, 2014 - Colorado Springs, CO.

Software audits and license compliance–the very words induce anxiety and frustration among even the most experienced IT professionals. For companies seeking to avoid audit failure and optimize their license positions, the latest version of Express Software Manager® from Cherwell Software is now available, enabling IT teams to minimize software compliance risk, drive down the total cost of ownership (TCO) of IT investments, and deliver strategic business value across the organization.


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Express Software Manager Version 11.0 is the first new release since Cherwell's August acquisition of IT and software asset management vendor, Express Metrix, and it is slated for future integration with Cherwell's award-winning IT service management (ITSM) platform, Cherwell Service Management®.

"We couldn't be more excited to add the latest release of Express Software Manager to our portfolio of IT and business-enablement solutions," said Vance Brown, CEO of Cherwell Software. "Our vision is to deliver world-class technology that truly empowers IT departments to assume a strategic role within the enterprise and proactively drive change—in ways that have never been possible before now. Minimizing risk and reducing costs related to IT and software investments are essential to accomplishing these goals."

According to an industry report on software audit trends, Microsoft accounts for roughly two-thirds of audits that take place, and organizations with proper license management tools in place can reduce the likelihood of a full-blown audit by around thirty percent. With Express Software Manager Version 11.0, Cherwell customers can now take advantage of advanced software license analytics that provide deeper visibility into their organizations' license positions through automated calculation of product use rights and consideration of physical and virtual environments. With a focus on Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft Windows desktop and server operating systems, the latest product release helps IT teams dramatically reduce software compliance risk and complexity, and approach vendor audits from a position of confidence and knowledge.

"Microsoft is the dominant vendor when it comes to software audits, and one could make the argument that for organizations of a certain size, a Microsoft audit is inevitable," said Jeff Kelsey, Director of IT Asset Management (ITAM) Product Management. "With constantly changing license models and product use rights documents that exceed the length of a small novel, it's virtually impossible for IT teams to overcome the complexity and ensure compliance without a specialized software license management solution. Express Software Manager Version 11.0 extends compliance analysis to handle complex licensing rules, and has been built in a manner that allows us to rapidly add support for other software vendors moving forward.”

Key product enhancements include the abilities to:

According to customer Doug Meade, IT Director at York County Schools Division, “Staying compliant with our Microsoft licenses has been particularly challenging, as Microsoft’s licensing terms frequently change; and our reliance on virtualization technologies creates further ambiguity. Version 11.0 of Express Software Manager represents a critical leap forward in our ability to reduce complexity and, ultimately, minimize time spent managing and enforcing our Microsoft license agreements—so we can keep our team focused on other strategic priorities."

With its release of Express Software Manager Version 11.0, Cherwell accelerates its commitment to helping IT departments deliver business value by reducing license compliance risk and identifying opportunities to save money. Future enhancements include the addition of product use rights for other software vendors, further expansion of its advanced software license management capabilities, and full integration with Cherwell's ITSM solution, Cherwell Service Management.

Cherwell Software offers free, perpetual use of Express Software Manager 11.0, Inventory Edition, on up to 1000 machines. The subscription also includes sixty days of access to all the premium features found within the full version of the product, including Microsoft license analytics, software usage tracking, and an IT purchasing system. The free product can be downloaded here.

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