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Cherwell Service Management Available on Amazon Web Services

Cherwell Service Management Available on Amazon Web Services

August 24, 2015 - Colorado Springs, CO.

Cherwell Software™ today announced that Cherwell Service Management® software is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Cherwell offers customers a wide variety of deployment options; including on-premises, hosted by Cherwell, on Microsoft Azure, and now on AWS. The ability to host the Cherwell Service Management platform on AWS provides IT organizations the ability to take advantage of AWS’s reliable, secure and globally scalable cloud computing services.


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Cherwell is the developer of Cherwell Service Management, a leading and highly regarded IT service management (ITSM) solution built on a modern, meta-data driven platform. This platform enables IT organizations to build and automate business processes without expensive coding, scripting or programming resources. Cherwell offers customers a choice in licensing and deployment models. Unique to the ITSM market, Cherwell uses the same code base for all deployment models which enables customers to change how they deploy Cherwell Service Management software at any time. Customers can start on-premises and switch to the cloud, like AWS, easily. Or customers can start with Cherwell hosting and then switch to a public cloud like AWS if that is best for their business and IT operations.

“One of the founding principles of Cherwell is customer choice, and we are thrilled to provide additional deployment options across public clouds,” said Carrie Cornella, head of Customer Experience at Cherwell. “Amazon Web Services provides a broad range of capabilities and options. We recognize that providing multiple deployment options will always be in the best interest of our customers. Cherwell is the kind of company that enables our customers to do business how they want.”

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