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Cherwell Service Management Shows 108 Percent ROI

September 10, 2010 - Colorado Springs, CO.

Cherwell Software, a leader in developing ITIL® and PinkVerify™ IT Service Management software solutions that bring enterprise-level functionality at a mid-market price, commissioned Forrester Research to conduct their Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study for an enterprise organization who has implemented Cherwell Service Management software. Forrester Research noted “ the ROI for the organization is 108% with a break-even point (payback period) of 9.7 months after deployment.”


The case study featured an enterprise company that replaced a leading legacy service management software solution with Cherwell Service Management. The Forrester TEI study found, ‘the main quantified benefits for the organization were: 1) productivity savings from improved service management processes such as incident and problem management; 2) the avoidance of software maintenance fees due to the replacement of the previous purchased service management solution; 3) the avoidance of administrative costs from the previously purchased service management solution; and 4) additional savings from development of a project and portfolio management solution using Cherwell Service Management. These benefits comprise a net present value (NPV) of $842,182 over a three-year analysis.”


The study went on to document, “the main modules the organization uses are Incident Management, Problem Management, Knowledge Management, CMDB and Service Catalog. While the organization initially intended to deploy Cherwell out of the box, as the organization refined and improved its processes, it realized that it needed a more customizable approach. The organization confirmed that the flexibility and configuration capabilities of Cherwell Service Management allowed it to easily implement these customizations without needed to find software developer resources. As the ITSM systems administrator for the organization noted, “ITIL is a framework; you still have to understand the concept and see how you can apply it in your company to create value. This is where I’m glad [we chose Cherwell Management], as it was easy to customize and simple to implement. The tool is so powerful and flexible. We have this infrastructure in place that if there is a business need, the first question is ‘Can we do that in Cherwell?”


The Forrester TEI Study documents the savings and benefits, including improved reporting, improved accountability and better perception of IT through improved customer service, along with additional details.

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