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Cherwell Software Acquires Advanced Marketplace

Companies Combine Forces to Offer Broad Portfolio of Enterprise Service Management Solutions

December 06, 2016 - Colorado Springs, CO.

Cherwell Software announced today its acquisition of Advanced Marketplace (AMP), a US-based consulting firm specializing in developing business solutions for the Cherwell® Service Management platform. The acquisition signals Cherwell’s commitment to expand and accelerate its delivery of enterprise service management solutions.

Cherwell Service Management is a technology platform upon which business solutions can be built and integrated, enabling IT teams to modernize processes and automate workflows outside the traditional boundaries of IT, and manage those services in a unified manner. Applying IT service management principles to other areas of the business—an approach known as enterprise service management—is becoming increasingly popular among organizations seeking to achieve cross-organizational efficiencies and drive superior results.

AMP, named a “Strong Performing ITSM Implementation Service Provider” by Forrester Research, has deep experience creating enterprise line-of-business applications that integrate seamlessly with the Cherwell Service Management platform. AMP’s solutions broaden Cherwell’s portfolio of Enterprise Service Management offerings and will be available to Cherwell customers via the Cherwell mAppTM Exchange.

According to AMP Founder and CEO Matthew Peeples, “We are thrilled to become an intrinsic part of Cherwell, and apply our deep, collective expertise to developing new enterprise service management capabilities. The Cherwell platform is incredibly powerful, flexible, and frictionless—there is virtually nothing we can’t build.”

Cherwell’s codeless design architecture makes it the perfect platform for rapidly integrating service management capabilities to meet organizational needs such as employee on-boarding (HR), workplace management (Facilities), and organizational compliance (Security). The codeless nature of the Cherwell platform enables these capabilities to be configured without requiring skilled programming resources or professional services—and unlike many competitive alternatives, the applications won’t break when the platform is upgraded from one version to the next.

Cherwell CEO Craig Harper said of the acquisition, “This development is a logical next step and natural extension to what Cherwell has been doing for a long time: enabling IT organizations to become strategic partners to the business by offering solutions that help them work smarter and faster. AMP’s solutions and expertise enable Cherwell to instantly satisfy a broader set of customer scenarios, as well as accelerate the rate at which we introduce new enterprise service management capabilities.”

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