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Cherwell Software Launches Cherwell Service Management 5

September 16, 2014 - Colorado Springs, CO.

Cherwell ITSM Platform, Mergeable ApplicationsColorado Springs, Colorado — Cherwell Software announces the general availability of Cherwell Service Management (CSM) 5.0, the newest release of its award-winning IT service management (ITSM) software platform. While IT teams recognize the importance of delivering amazing service and enabling the business, existing tools are often difficult to use, customize, upgrade and deploy. CSM 5.0 is a powerful, yet user-friendly platform for ITSM that is easily configured for business and workforce enablement.


CSM 5.0 delivers the vision of business enablement through:

“Cherwell’s vision is to enable IT and beyond, extending business technology as and when it is needed.  We built the company for this purpose, and we’re at a point where we can deliver on the vision for IT service management professionals,” said Vance Brown, CEO of Cherwell Software. “We’re excited to provide IT with the tools to achieve business technology in a way that is finally within reach. The concept of business enablement is not new, but it was never really within the reach of IT. With the Cherwell Service Management 5.0 platform, IT can easily manage infrastructure, but also easily expand its business processes through mApp functionality.”

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“mApp applications are a modern, flexible, integrated way for our business team to quickly and easily add proven and powerful new functionality to CSM—with no coding.  mApp functionality is easy to build and apply,” said Diane Burton of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. “Downloadable business applications are a much more convenient and affordable way to expand system capabilities—and the Cherwell community is an effective way to share and collaborate.”

CSM 5.0 also features enhanced, best-in-class ITSM functionality, driven by customer feedback.

Business intelligence, reporting and dashboards.  New features in CSM 5.0 include: advanced dashboard drill-down and a new dashboard editor; expression-driven text, colors, images and visibility; and user-configurable, reusable metrics that can be created and measured against a company’s own key performance indicators.

Codeless configuration. In addition to offering mApp capabilities and significant new integrations to build CSM installations in new business directions, enhancements include One-Step™ variables, integration with Splunk logging, new prompt capabilities, and a system analyzer for troubleshooting and performance assessment.

Ease of use. CSM 5.0 extends Cherwell’s ease of use even further, providing significant browser client enhancements, new and improved underlying dashboard display technology, preset color themes, and advanced record locking.

According to Gartner, “Cherwell has improved its IT self-service, reporting and dashboard capabilities, which help resource-constrained organizations to streamline support and demonstrate business value.” Mike Fuson of Excalibur Data Systems, a Cherwell partner, commented “Cherwell Software never ceases to amaze me—with the release of CSM 5.0, they have done what so many companies do not, and that is listen to their customers. With this release we are seeing so many of the most asked-for enhancements, from big items like mApp functionality and One-Step variables to small items that further enhance ease of configuration and administration. Cherwell’s constant focus on understanding customer and market requirements comes through loud and clear with CSM 5.0.”

CSM 5.0 is the safe and stable choice for any IT team, with the industry’s highest-availability SaaS infrastructure as recently reported by Forrester Research, excellence in customer support, and a simple, flexible licensing and pricing model. Cherwell customers experience rapid deployments and can remain confident in the future given the flexibility of Cherwell Software. As always, Cherwell Service Management platform upgrades are seamless and preserve all previous customizations. Cherwell customers have the freedom to switch been a hosted SaaS solution to on-premise (and vice-versa) at any time.

“The Cherwell Service Management platform met all our requirements, and our experience is that Cherwell cares about their customers, “ said Joshua Tooley, Associate Director of IT Support at Texas Christian University. “What really sold us was our positive interaction with the company. Our team spoke directly with Cherwell Software’s developers about our requirements, including full Bomgar™ integration, and they added the new functionality we needed within a month—which was extremely impressive. We like CSM’s concurrent licensing model, affordable SaaS pricing, and self-service portal capabilities—and the codeless platform that allows the service desk to build everything we need to do our jobs without expert developers.”

Cherwell Software will continue to add industry-leading integrations to enable more business technology to drive organizational strategy and objectives.  These initiatives include IT asset management (ITAM), software licensing management, and software asset management from the recent acquisition of Seattle-based Express Metrix.  Cherwell Software looks forward to participating with customers, partners, and industry leaders to drive the reality of business technology enablement to future levels of success.

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