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Cherwell Software Provides Customers with Choice

September 30, 2010 - Colorado Springs, Colo.

Cherwell Software, Inc. (“Cherwell”), the developer of Cherwell Service Management™, today announced that its CEO will be conducting a webinar regarding new developments in SaaS, together with Eveline Oehrlich, the leading Forrester analyst in the IT Service Management market.


With Cherwell, both models (SaaS “On Demand” and the traditional “On-Premise”) are cost effective—it’s really a matter of customer preference. This hybrid approach (sometimes referred to as SaaS 3.0) offers even more flexibility and choices in financing, hosting, and user interface.


“As the SaaS 3.0 innovator and the first to offer this hybrid approach in the ITSM software industry, Cherwell has seen numerous customers take advantage of the choices we offer,” said Vance Brown, CEO of Cherwell Software. “Enterprise-savvy customers today are demanding more choices in the financial model, the deployment model and the user interface model. If any model is really going to offer true service, it should offer more choices to the customer.”


As part of its monthly “ITSM Into The Fire” Webinar Series, Cherwell will host Eveline Oehrlich with Forrester Research and Vance Brown, discussing SaaS and the concept behind SaaS with choice. Click here to register.


Brown continues, “Early on we recognized that the future of software will demand more choice. We work with companies to determine which model and options best suit their current needs and budget requirements. If they change their mind later—or if their business requirements change—our hybrid approach offers the ability to switch from one model to the other.”


A popular whitepaper, “From SaaS to SaaC: True Software as a Service is about Choice,” was released last month on Cherwell’s website. It compares the “once size fits all” SaaS approach versus SaaS that offers choices in its core components.


“The 3rd generation of SaaS solutions will continue to emerge, forced by enterprise companies to offer choice,” concludes Brown. “Already we are seeing other vendors follow our lead. SaaS is here to stay, but it will continue to evolve because of customer demands.”

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