Press Release

Corporate Update Regarding COVID-19

March 31, 2020 - Colorado Springs, CO

To whom it may concern,

The health and safety of our staff, our customers, our partners, and all of those with whom we work and do business, are of utmost importance.

Cherwell continues to closely monitor the developments of the COVID-19 outbreak and is in close and regular contact with our global employees, partners, suppliers and, importantly, customers. We are following guidance from local authorities, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO). Following is information about our related readiness and response:

Our Operations and Business: We do not anticipate any interruption in our delivery of services or other business operations due to COVID-19. Our business is primarily cloud-based, utilizing distributed data centers, and is generally not subject to supply chain risk being experienced by the manufacturing sector. Additionally, for those customers with on-premise deployments of Cherwell software, we provide maintenance and support services through remote support centers located in various geographies. We are confident that we have sufficient support personnel to provide uninterrupted support in the event we experience an outbreak of COVID-19 at Cherwell. In addition, our network of partners can be used to provide additional support resources should we unexpectedly be severely impacted by a localized outbreak. We maintain a Disaster Response policy that addresses, among other things, continuity of communications, emergency back-up of data, and restoration of services due to unexpected events. The Cherwell workforce is, by design, distributed with many personnel working remotely as part of their regular jobs. Accordingly, Cherwell systems and personnel are accustomed and well prepared to continue “business as usual” with personnel directed to work remotely.

Our People: We are committed to taking all actions necessary to continue to protect the safety and health of our employees and our customers. We have implemented a travel ban prohibiting non-essential travel, in accordance with all national, state and local restrictions. We are encouraging the use of videoconferencing for all meetings during this phase

of restricted movement. We are also transitioning physical gatherings to virtual events including Customer User Groups, trainings and our CLEAR 2020 Europe conference (which was slated to occur in London in March 2020). We continue to watch the latest advice from the WHO and the CDC and real-time adjust our policies accordingly.

Communications: Because of the nature of our business, COVID-19 does not pose any risk to our internal or external communications capabilities. As part of our general communications and media plans, as well as our Disaster Response policy, we will communicate immediately with our customers and partners should our ability to provide services be threatened for any reason, not just COVID-19.

We understand that events such as COVID-19 create uncertainty and concern. We want to assure you that we are fully prepared and have all necessary resources and capability to ensure continuity for our customers during this exceptional time.

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Sam Gilliland

CEO, Cherwell