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CSM v4.3 Includes SAML, Enhanced Security, Form Editor and Grid Capabilities

December 14, 2012 - Colorado Springs, Colo.

 Cherwell Software , creator of the innovative and flexible IT service management (ITSM) platform, Cherwell Service Management® (CSM), today unveiled the general availability release of its software, Cherwell Service Management 4.3. The release includes SAML support, increased security, enhanced form and grid capabilities, and significant portal and browser client improvements.


The most notable enhancement in CSM 4.3 is increased security, including support for SAML v2.0, which enables web browser single sign-on (SSO). Other security changes include password strength and expiration settings that enforce Windows password complexity rules and reset dates, the ability to reserve licenses for departments which ensures availability, and the capability to set different security options for different CSM Clients.


Other significant enhancements include:

Form and grid enhancements: New grid customization features, such as filtering, sorting, custom columns, and persistence, improve the user experience by allowing customers to locate and display only the grid data they need. New form design features like dynamic sizing and text and image alignment options allow customers to more adeptly control the look and behavior of their forms.


Portal and browser client enhancements: Major action catalog improvements, dashboard/form anchoring, menu bar locking, and back/forward button support empower browser applications by boosting navigation and visual appeal.


Other enhancements include a new interactive online help system; a simplified search control; new expressions, operators, and One-Step™ actions; and significant performance improvements — all of which reinforce CSM’s already robust functionality.


Cherwell Software is committed to empowering ITSM professionals to support business functions and to helping them create better experiences for their customers. In describing this latest release, Josh Caid, product manager at Cherwell Software, said, “The 4.3 release is all about making things even easier for our customers — easier to secure in distributed environments with SAML, easier to find what you are looking for with powerful grid filtering, along with a ton of other customer-requested ease-of-use and feature enhancements. We think our current customers will be excited, and future customers will continue to see how powerful, yet easy-to-use, Cherwell Service Management is.


Cherwell Software provides a SaaS-based and on-premises IT service management software platform worldwide and is committed to exceptional customer care. Cherwell Software has a rich history of gathering ideas from current customers and adding them to the product roadmap to increase the capability and breadth of its ITSM platform.

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