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Increasing Value to the Business – The Top 2013 Service Desk Priority

February 21, 2012 - Royal Wootton Bassett, U.K.

Cherwell Software and the SDI recently asked Service Desk professional to tell them their priorities, frustrations, fears, hope and dreams for 2013. And they did. Service Desk 2013 -- A View From the Frontline captures a clear and concise picture of what today’s Service Desk, and life on the Service Desk, truly looks like.


Although ‘increasing value to the business’ tops the list in regards to 2013 priorities, ‘the ability to easily produce metrics and reports’ to showcase this value causes Service Desks the most pain. And, while 16% of respondents expect 2013 to bring an increased demand for business metrics and reporting, only 1% last year spent significant time speaking with their customers and building relationships in an effort to deliver and showcase value. This raises several alarms.


Solution providers need to be alarmed as well. When asked to identify the top three frustrations with their current ITSM tool, respondents stated: Features, Customisation and Usability. Not surprisingly, all three top the influencer list when it comes to selecting a new ITSM tool, and Features is the top, key innovation/improvement Service Desk staff would like to see in an ITSM tool.


"It’s clear from this research that Service Desks need better features and capabilities from their ITSM solutions to help them proactively plan and effectively deliver, which ultimately showcases value," says Tony Probert, European managing director, Cherwell Software. "Service Desks still spend too much time fire fighting, which means they have less time for proactive approaches and innovation, which again, decreases the opportunity to deliver value to the business.


"It's not all bad news though. Slightly more than a third of respondents said life on the Service Desk improved during 2012, and 26% indicated that their Service Desk spent the bulk of the past 12 months implementing new processes. So, this does indicate a muturing of the Service Desk -- become more proactive and making strides to play a greater business role.

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