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Service Desk Reporting Made Simple

December 18, 2014 - Swindon, United Kingdom

Aberdeenshire Council selects Cherwell Service Management® as its IT service management (ITSM) solution, citing dashboards and real-time reporting functionality as critical to its selection process. As a progressive council, its Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) team wanted a new service desk tool to help it meet the Council’s aim to deliver first class public services.

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After using its existing ITSM tool for 12 years, an internal restructuring exercise provided the ICT team with the opportunity to not only upgrade to a modern service desk tool but to become more proactive through the better collection and analysis of service desk data. The rich and configurable dashboards and real-time metrics offered by Cherwell Service Management made it the new tool of choice.

According to ICT Change Manager Craig Morton, the team had struggled to report on high quality metrics and information in a timely manner. The previous tool could generate SQL queries and reports, but the data was typically historical, and the team grappled to get the key information necessary to facilitate decision making. The team now generates real-time, highly customised reports for different roles and functions, providing localised views comprised of key metrics and effective, meaningful information. Best of all, says Mr. Morton, the information is right at the team’s fingertips.

“With our new dashboards, we can look at yesterday’s view, or last month’s view, for example, to see the information visually over a specific period of time,” says Mr. Morton. “We can see how adoption rates are changing in terms of self-logged calls, how many telephony calls we had today compared to last week, react to changes and issues brewing on a real time basis and we can much more proactively quantify the types of issues occurring and react accordingly to them.”

The Aberdeenshire Council ICT management team now experiences the benefits that come from having better quality information. For example, they can now better determine if they need more staff on their service desk due to a particular issue or decide if they should cascade out a piece of information on the back of a change recently issued. With their previous tool, the information would never have been as clearly quantified or reported and thus extremely difficult to act upon.

“We can now shine a bright light on the areas that were previous dark to understand both in terms of resources and trend analysis, where we need to be positioning ourselves to better serve the business,” says Mr. Morton.

The business intelligence, dashboardsreporting and metrics functionality included in Cherwell Service Management serves many Cherwell Software™ customers across industries. Cherwell Software’s commitment to eliminating the challenges and frustrations associated with service desk reporting lead it to become the first product in the world to be certified as  SDI Performance Results Report Compliant with the SDI Service Desk Standard.

Cherwell Service Management delivers premium business value dashboards, including multidimensional reporting, configurable alerts and advanced drilldowns. IT service management professionals can now provide the right information, at the right time, and to the right person – with automatic updates. Cherwell Software is committed to enabling its customers, like Aberdeenshire Council, with powerful reporting capabilities to successfully serve customers.

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