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Spirax Sarco Goes Live with Cherwell Service Management

September 10, 2010 - Colorado Springs, CO.

Spirax Sarco, the global engineering firm, has gone live with the first phase of a significant ITIL project based on Cherwell Service Management, developed by Cherwell Software. Spirax Sarco, which is best known for its unparalleled knowledge about the application of steam across a wide range of industries, moved all its IT services to Cherwell Service Management in September and before the end of the year all remaining IS systems will be moved to Cherwell in a phased implementation.


Towards the end of 2009, Spirax Sarco initiated a venture to consolidate all its varied IS support systems, asset and service management processes onto a single software architecture and chose Cherwell Service Management after reviewing all the market’s offerings.


“We were keen to eliminate the anomalies and inconsistent processes that inevitably arise when you have a variety of unconnected legacy tools in place,” said Tim Dewson, UK IS Service Desk Manager, Spirax Sarco. “The advent of Cherwell’s highly flexible and configurable software will make it possible to harmonise all our processes and improve efficiencies across the team. We were very impressed by the high level of tailor-ability and the ability to build entirely new features. Cherwell is far more than a service management tool in fact."


Spirax Sarco has a 50-strong IS Team which supports over 800 UK users as well managing some global services such as the JD Edwards ERP system and email for the entire organization of around 4,000 employees. Dewson again: “The new processes will mean fewer interruptions for staff, making them more productive and freeing them to concentrate on higher value, and more rewarding, work.”


Dewson explains the reasons for a phased implementation approach: “We believe that this will be an easy way for our users to become used to the new functionality and for us to ensure they are comfortable and confident with each new element.” As new systems go live, Dewson’s team will take the opportunity to launch new features to users such as a self-service portal, email monitoring, customer satisfaction surveys and a new call closure process.


Tony Probert, European managing director of Cherwell Software, said: “It’s been a great pleasure working with Spirax Sarco and we are delighted that they are planning to take full advantage of the enterprise functionality that our solution offers.”


Dewson concludes: “We also found that as a company Cherwell was very easy to deal with too, they are flexible and have a realistic pricing model.”


Cherwell Service Management is designed for IT support professionals and offers “out of the box” functionality and unmatched customization and configurability for users wishing to customize: screens, workflow, business processes and build new integrated applications leveraging Cherwell’s unique CBAT (Codeless Business Application Technology) platform.


The Cherwell Service Management solution is available via the traditional license model or alternatively, on demand in a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model. To ensure excellent levels of service and support, Cherwell Software is working alongside CRMWorks, IT Service Management and service desk specialists, as its full service delivery partner to ensure that contracts are delivered successfully and speedily.

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