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2012: The Tablet Invasion Begins

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Gartner and other analysts are predicting the beginning of the “Post-PC era” where laptop computers are not the norm, and the majority of tech users are using a tablet as their main computing device. I can relate to a degree. At home my family jokingly calls me “Linus” as I walk from room to room with my tablet computer as if it is some kind of technological security blanket. If I set it down, I end up rushing back to it because I feel so disconnected and naked without it.

The key to the analyst predictions, however, is that tablets will be just as popular or irreplaceable for corporate users as it is to me at home — to the point of reducing the current Windows domination of the market down to 60%, or perhaps even lower than 50% of users.1 This means far more than surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, updating Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, etc., and playing Angry Birds. Corporate adoption of tablet computing implies that there are real line-of-business applications available for the various tablet environments — and more importantly, that those applications are designed to be usable on the tablet platform and not an afterthought.

Here at Cherwell we are working toward a multi-platform world by utilizing the latest technologies available to us in the upcoming 4.0 release — in this case HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript with AJAX techniques as they accommodate platforms from iOS to Android to Windows 8 and more. These technologies offer us the ability to build very rich applications that look and feel like a rich native client application on your local system, but it can be run on (and optimized for) a wide variety of hardware platforms: desktop, tablet, and even smart phones.

We’re not getting rid of our amazing native clients, as a matter of fact we will continue to enhance them even more, but by using these technologies, we’ll be able to offer our users even more choices in how they access the system on any given day, at a given time, at any given place, without being stuck using a single “approved” client platform.

But I’m still curious: What do you think about the idea that tablet computers will be taking over the corporate world and displacing traditional PCs? Are you seeing this in your environment today? Please leave a comment below.

1 Cooney, Michael. “Gartner: The top 10 strategic technology trends for 2012.” Network World, 18 Oct. 2011.