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7 CSM Highlights

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IT Project TrackingIn this blog we are highlighting 7 CSM Tools;
The Industry’s Best Collaborative Self-Service Portal, Superior Mobility, Truly Codeless & Complete Configurability, OneStep Actions, and IT Project Tracking.

1. The Industry’s Best Collaborative Self-Service Portal

Maximize limited IT resources and increase customer satisfaction with our efficient CSM IT self-service portal. Our customers report up to 65% productivity increases. With CSM, there’s no need for customers to classify or prioritize incidents in the portal. As your organization expands, easily consolidate multiple portals into a single site, increase collaboration, and drive higher usage.

2. Business Intelligence & Multidimensional Reporting

Experience premium business value dashboards at your fingertips—the right information at the right time—with automatic updates. Leverage CSM for multidimensional reporting and configurable alerts and drilldowns, generating the right reports for everyone in your organization. All employees can use Dashboard Viewer and see others’ data without consuming a license.

3. Superior Mobility

Rely on anytime, anywhere access via mobile browser and native iOS® to manage your business. With the power of CSM, it’s like having an on-demand business GPS in your pocket; make decisions and manage by exception from anywhere. And our iCherwell application is only native iOS app in ITSM specifically designed for IT technicians.

4. Truly Codeless & Complete Configurability

Highly configurable, flexible and infinitely codeless, CSM can do business the way you do business. Anyone can code with no scripting required. Design and build your own advanced ITSM system—or just order CSM out-of-the-box. As your organization grows, CSM can transform your corporate help desk into an IT service management powerhouse.

5. OneStep™ Actions

Automate your business processes to meet key business requirements with CSM’s unique OneStep™ actions, which allow non-programmers to quickly and easily create a simple automation for complex processes.

6. IT Project Tracking

With CSM IT Project Tracking, view projects side-by-side—based on time or by portfolio. Key information such as business case, cost, deliverables, and project risks, can be conveniently tracked. Project status can be easily viewed by all stakeholders. Features include real-time status updates through dashboards, built-in approval process for stakeholder sign-off, and automatic notifications if the project goes off-track.


7. Flexible Licensing & Hosting Model

CSM licensing delivers a complete ITSM solution with intelligent concurrent licensing for all standard clients—no additional client fees, no hidden server fees, and no end-user fees. Our unique Cherwell Choice™ licensing and hosting model allows hosting by Cherwell Software, hosting on-premises, or third-party hosting—and change your hosting model easily at any time. We offer more than your average SaaS provider—choose what works best for your business.