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9 Tips To Keep Your Sanity During the Holidays

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 Tips To Keep Your Sanity During the HolidaysTrying to Survive the holidays? Read 9 Tips to keep your sanity during the holiday season. There is a big list of to do’s that need to be listed and checked twice.  Keeping calm and taking it all in stride is the best way to keep it all together.

  1. Make a serious DON’T list. My To-Do list often looks like Santa’s “Naughty Nice list,” except I don’t have a magical sleigh and the power of century’s old folk lore behind me to complete it. Prioritize. Embrace what is actually feasible to do. You will feel a serious relief writing stuff down that you DO NOT have to do right now. It leaves you space to knock out the really important things and maybe even enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones. Joy to the World…the craziness has ended!
  2. If you’re flying for the holidays, make sure to reserve your parking spot at the airport. Everybody and their mom will be flying out around the same day–which means a million cars all trying to park in a few parking lots. You thought the parking lot on Black Friday was bad? Child’s play. Don’t mess around, reservations are smart.
  3. Allow an extra hour or so to make your flight. The entire country will be on the roads! Who knows how many rubber-necking opportunities you could come across? Then you will deal with the madness which is parking (See #2). When you finally arrive at the airport, don’t celebrate yet. You still have security. This leads me to my next point….
  4. Be awesome at security! If you’re like me, sometimes right before I leave on a big trip there can tend to be a mild panic in packing. I’m a cheapskate, so there’s no way I’m paying $25 to check a bag. Nope, it’s all going in my carry-on. Stuff is half crazy/half seriously packed into the suit case. When you get to security, heaven forbid your liquids are hiding somewhere besides your one allotted Ziploc bag. One time I went through security with a full water bottle in my purse. Sigh. Amateur. Keep your toiletries bag and you computer in your carry-on at the TOP. No digging, no rummaging, no sneaky 3 oz of Listerine hiding in your pocket. Don’t be that guy. That’s what ruins security isn’t it? You get behind the person who has 10 bins and spends 15 minutes trying to get all of this stuff out. Then they forget they’re wearing their shoes still! Madness! Precious moments LOST! During the holidays you could possibly be mauled for that. Don’t do it. Organization is key. Pack the Basics. You don’t need to pack 15 puffer vests for Christmas in Miami. Remember, be awesome.
  5. Drink. If you don’t drink already, you should consider it. One glass of wine can take the edge off the nightmare family members: “When are you getting married? Why are you alone again this year? Are you having kids soon? I had 5 by the time I was your age. Your kids are out of control…I think someone just ate an ornament. Do you let them do that at home? You’re looking a little heavier these days. Are you still in that dead end job? Do you like my Christmas sweater? Let’s watch “A Christmas Story” all day as a family. Why don’t you visit more often?” See what I mean? One glass…. **Cherwell Software does not promote under-age drinking or excessive drinking. We appreciate humor, and that is the root behind #4, not to really encourage drinking. But seriously…one glass.**
  6. Amongst the holiday craziness, give yourself a few hours by yourself. Pull away, read a book, go for a walk, or see a movie. Do something that you enjoy that doesn’t involve anyone else and just take a minute to breath! You’ll be more gracious and calm to truly enjoy the holidays with your family and friends if you take care of yourself. Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean we have to lose ourselves and spend 24/7 with 10 other people.
  7. Watch Charlie Brown Christmas. It will make you smile and realize your holiday will always be better than Charlie’s. But there’s hope! Even that “block head’s” Christmas ended well!
  8. Think of how you and your family or friends could reach out and help someone in need during this holiday season. Often we get stressed during this time because we are very self- focused or lost in the holiday season, which is fine, but draining. Finding the right present, making the perfect pumpkin pie, making sure you have just the right amount of glitter in your outfit. But here’s the deal: there’s a lot of people who don’t worry about that stuff because there’s no money and no food. This is a very hard time for many individuals and families. It changes your perspective when we come down off of our sugar-holiday-present high and realize there are people who need help. It makes you thankful for what you have! When you think of someone besides yourself you have the opportunity to make an impact in someone else’s life. Perspective. It’s a game changer.
  9. If none of these tips help bring you rest and lesson your stress level, then remember come January 1, you’re free from the holiday craziness for another 11 months, and breathe a sigh of relief.
  10. For the rest of you, enjoy this Holiday season! There are memories to be made, laughter to be had, and awkward presents to receive. Pay close attention this season, and try to notice the great moments. Store them up. Return to them when you need to smile–like when Uncle Eddie shows up in your driveway with his RV.