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Customer Snapshot: ACS Technologies

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From time to time, we have the privilege of circling back with individual customers and hearing their inside stories about the strides they’ve made over the years through the use of our product. Last month, we were able to connect with Luke Fine, IT Coordinator at ACS Technologies, who has used Express Software Manager for over four years, and has since become one of the product’s strongest customer advocates.

Here’s a brief summary of his story:

Fine uses Express Software Manager for two primary purposes: first, to manage software licenses; second, to inform the hardware upgrade and refresh cycle.

Prior to implementing Express Software Manager, Fine had to rely on time-consuming manual processes to accomplish his goals. He used Microsoft Access to maintain the company’s software asset database. IT staff would physically travel to each PC in order to determine what was installed and verify installed software was properly licensed. In order to evaluate hardware requirements, the only tool available was the company’s purchasing reports—any changes made to those machines over time were anyone’s guess, much less their exact whereabouts. It’s an understatement to say these systems were both inconvenient and time-consuming, and Fine understood that this method of asset management was neither sustainable nor responsible from the standpoint of fiscal oversight and compliance risk. Fine decided it was time to implement an IT asset management solution that allowed him to remotely view and evaluate hardware and software configurations on the company’s machines, so he could perform his job more efficiently and with 100% confidence in the data he was working with.

Express Software Manager delivered what Fine was looking for, and more. Besides delivering hardware and software inventory information that were critical for his license management and hardware refresh efforts, the product also offered the ability to track software usage—a huge help when it came to reinstalling software, evaluating purchase requests, and understanding whether purchased licenses were truly needed.

In summary, though difficult to quantify, Fine believes ACS Technologies has saved significant amounts of money through the automation of manual IT processes and optimal allocation and usage of purchased hardware and software.

And, finally, according to Fine, the assurance of being legal from a licensing standpoing is—yep, you guessed it: priceless.

Our many thanks to Luke Fine for permitting us to share his story. We look forward to sharing many others as we enter our 11th year of business, having helping over 5000 customers maximize their visibility and control over their IT assets.