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Adopting a Customer Centric Service Desk Approach

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I was recently speaking with a reporter about the different ways that Service Desks provision, or should provision, service and support. Self-service portals instantly sprung to mind, and this reminded me of a great pres4 Strategies for Motivating Your Customers To Use the Self-Service Portalentation a particular London borough delivered at the 2012 itSMF UK Annual Conference, entitled, Turning Adversity into Advantage – Supporting the Council’s Transformation Strategy

Faced with a potential loss of IT staff and a reduced budget, the borough’s IT department set out to determine how to best make savings while delivering efficient and effective service to the same number of people. It also kept end-users top of find by remembering to be people centric.

The team decided to implement a self-service portal to support its IT users. Seeing IT as an enabler, the team wanted to support its customer through self-help. Overall, it wanted to ‘commission and provision help to end users at the first point of contact’

This particular project has enjoyed true success in regards to staff adoption, reduced calls to the Service Desk, lower abandoned calls and transparency. Have a look at the presentation to see the fruits of the team’s labour. This project also delivered tools that met end-user needs and tools that helped IT deliver business value.