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And the Winner Is…

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There is little truth to the rumor that I was going to pull a Kanye West and crash the acceptance speech of the winner if Cherwell had not won Pink Elephant’s Innovation of the Year award for mApp solutions.

Not totally unsubstantiated though.

This is in no way to throw shade at Easy Vista or Numerify, the other-nominees for this award. They each provide compelling offerings to the market, and encapsulate something we at Cherwell strive to do each and every day, which is help IT organizations extend and demonstrate their value to the business.

That said, we are honored to receive this recognition from Pink Elephant.

For those of you who are new to the party and looking to understand mergeable applications – or mApp solutions – let me first welcome you and tell you how thrilled I am that you have arrived. Let me also take this opportunity to explain in layman’s terms what mApp solutions are, how they specially help IT organizations extend the value of their Cherwell Service Management investment, and why we believe our approach in this context is unique, and obviously innovative.

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To explain mApp solutions, some historical context is required. Over the past 15 years, IT organizations have often extended their ITSM tools to automate the workflow of request and fulfill processes “outside of IT”. Most often, these would be areas like human resources and facilities management. Notable ITSM market leaders rightfully encouraged this practice, understanding that this would mean IT organizations would need to purchase more user licenses and potential soft and hard switching costs for the tool would be higher, as the result of its broader appeal. This was not malicious. IT organizations DID get value by extending their ITSM tools to non-IT areas. However, what presented a challenge was the effort of keeping things working as desired through software upgrades, in light of all the associated configuration and customization work done to the source code. This challenge required skilled resources to handle coding and scripting, which even if you had them on staff, was not an optimal use of their time. Third party system integrators happily took the work on, but the work wasn’t particularly inexpensive. As such, the customization trap was in effect, leaving many IT organizations frustrated and with little recourse.

Cherwell was founded with an understanding of these challenges. These methods are not realistic options for IT organizations that are often understaffed and underfunded, yet over-worked in the face of increasing IT complexity. Cherwell believes that your ITSM tool shouldn’t be one more thing you have to manage. As such, no Java, Jelly, SQL or data-level programming is required to configure Cherwell Service Management. Last fall, the ITSM Review surveyed customers who ranked Cherwell Software #1 of 19 in a worldwide review of ITSM tools. Having a tool that is infinitely configurable means that IT organizations can configure our offering as they desire without the need for specialized, costly resources. Within the realm of ITSM, that is a victory in itself, but given the power of this platform, why stop there? If there was a way to allow for capabilities configured on one installation to be shared with or merged with another, wouldn’t we be talking about a real game changer?

Mergeable applications – or mApp solutions – are created and installed functionalities and capabilities that can be added to a target CSM installation without touching the underlying code. This means that mApp solutions will never break existing configurations, because they do not touch the source code to begin with. This means that IT organizations can quickly extend the value of their investment by providing the business with capabilities without needing deep technical knowledge of the system’s architecture. Now, IT organizations can achieve the benefits of ITSM/third party tool integration, without the fear of upgrading either the ITSM tool or what it’s been integrated with because it may no longer work. This means that the technical heavy lifting has been done for you, and made available to customers in a community-driven application exchange.

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As simply as one can add apps to their smart phone, IT organizations can add mApp solutions to their CSM installation. Enhancements to CSM out of the box content (such as user satisfaction survey templates) are added in minutes, as are advanced ITSM and Non-IT capabilities (such as Release Management, Project Tracking and Facilities Management). Also, integration with third party software tools, such as Bomgar for Chat and Remote Control, can immediately make IT organizations more productive, without incurring costs associated with the time and labor of specialized resources.

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We believe that what separates mApp solutions from the pack is the nature in which new functionality and capabilities are seamlessly added, and persist through CSM upgrades by the nature of our codeless design principles. Furthermore, in addition to publishing our own Cherwell mApp solutions, we enable our partners and customers to do the same, essentially crowdsourcing innovation to continue to meet the needs of IT organizations, at the pace and change of their business users desire.

I encourage you to stick around and explore mApp Solutions at a deeper level. Over the next few weeks, Cherwell will work to educate the market on what mApp solutions are, what types of mApp Solutions exist, and if you are a Cherwell customer or partner – how you can play a role in developing and adding mApp to our community-driven mApp Exchange.