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Answering “The Why” at Cherwell

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blog-watermelon“Put first things first and we get second things thrown in: put second things first and we lose both first and second things.”  C.S. Lewis In the often-quoted words of business guru Peter Drucker, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  At Cherwell, we agree! Too many people make software decisions based just on the technology.  But successful software implementations that “survive the test of time” start with trusting relationships united around a great culture. But what makes culture so important? Why is it a “first thing?” At Cherwell, culture is all about the relational components of a business—the people and the community. It’s what unites us and motivates us to do the right things.  It answers WHY our organization exists. Culture captures the deeper meaning of our organization. At Cherwell, we desire to create the best service management software in the market … that answers WHAT we do. Our software is “easy to use, affordable, and is 91db98b13bfdae113b217abec26ddb69eb8bfac0infinitely configurable” … that answers the HOW of what we do, encapsulating our core strategies and differentiators. But WHY do we develop such software? Because we desire to make life better for you and the customers you serve. That is WHY we are motivated to get up in the morning. That is WHY we desire to have real and lasting relationships with our customers. That is WHY Cherwell exists. Making life better for others inspires us to develop and support world-class service management software. If Cherwell continues to be successful, it will be because we remember our WHY – making it our “first thing.” If we do our WHY well, then the WHAT and HOW of Cherwell will naturally flow. These concepts were initially embedded in our company tag line: Innovative Technology Built upon Yesterday’s Values. Culture is difficult to explain. In fact, culture is much easier to see and experience. So please take a moment and watch the following video of our 2013 Global User Conference and get a taste of our Cherwell culture. 91db98b13bfdae113b217abec26ddb69eb8bfac0 Also, for a great TED Talk on why we should “start with WHY” – hear from Simon Sinek: