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April Report of the Month: Suite Application Report

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Our featured Express Software Manager report this month is a software inventory report called “Suite Application” report. At its highest level, this report helps you determine what components of suite products are actually being utilized, so you can ensure your software budget is being wisely spent.

Here’s a real-life example of how this information can be useful. Let’s say that your company has 1000 employees, each of whom has a license for Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus. The Professional Plus version of the 2007 Office suite is comprised of eight individual components. We know that most people take advantage of Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. But what about the other four components: Access, Publisher, InfoPath, and Office Communicator? (Based on what we hear from customers, a majority of most organization’s users don’t use any of these components – and come on, do you know anyone who uses Communicator?)

Now, let’s assume that half of your users licensed for 2007 Professional Plus are not using Access, Publisher, InfoPath, and Communicator–meaning they could get by just fine with the Standard edition. The delta between the MSRP of the Professional Plus and Standard editions of Office is around $100, which means you could save something to the tune of $50,000 by renegotiating your software contract. Not a trivial amount when your boss is telling you there’s no budget for the Windows OS upgrade.

So let’s take a look at Express Software Manager’s “Suite Application” report. There are a couple of flavors that our customers find particularly helpful in their IT asset management efforts:

1) Suite Application – Grouped by Suite

The report below is a summary of Professional Plus installations, along with the number of installed copies of each individual component. Note that four of the components are installed on fewer than half of the machines for which the Professional Plus suite is licensed. Based on this information, it would appear that the Standard edition of the Office suite would suffice on these machines.



2) Suite Application – Launches Grouped by Machine

Next, let’s look at another version of the report that shows which components of the suite have actually been launched on individual users’ machines. Below, you can see that for both users, the only components that have been launched are those associated with the Standard edition of Office 2007, validating that for these users, an extra $100 for the Professional Plus version is unnecessarily being spent.



This report, along with many of the other software usage reports within Express Software Manager, is one of the areas you’re likely to find significant opportunities for savings within your organization–so be sure not to overlook it when you evaluate your license position! It can be found within the Express Reports Console, under “Software Inventory” or “All Reports.”