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August Report of the Month: License Unit Purchase History

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As most of you are probably aware, with the 9.5 version of Express Software Manager we introduced a purchasing system and interface that allows for easy reconciliation of purchasing details with deployed hardware and software assets. One of the most basic and useful purchasing reports found within the product is the “License Unit Purchase History.” This report allows you to view both summary and detailed purchasing information for any given license unit group, manufacturer, or UPNSC category. Not only can you quickly determine how many licenses you’ve purchased for any given application, but you can also see how many purchase orders were executed, per unit (and summary) costs, and license type.

In the below example, grouped by manufacturer, you can drill in on the individual license unit to see, for any given order, the machines/users to which purchased items have been assigned. Additionally, this data can be exported to Excel for budgeting, planning, and executive reporting purposes.