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What Are Your Help Desk Goals?

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What is life without goals? We all set them, consciously or sub-consciously. They are based upon our expectations of ourselves, our desires, and the ‘wish to meet’ expectations that others have of us. Goals are just as prevalent in our professional lives. They control how we go about our daily working life and help us to achieve what we want...

CSI and Agile – What Lessons Can We Learn?

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Continual Service Improvement (CSI) is one of the key aims for all service desks. Everyone wants to improve their performance either quickly or over time, and CSI is one of the key areas of the ITIL® framework that can be used to create business value. However, there are other approaches aligned to the ethos of CSI that also look at...

The Service Desk and CSI: Gateway to Improvement

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When you are looking to establish a program and an ethos of continual service improvement (CSI), remember that your service desk team is in the perfect position to discover and drive service improvements that will make a difference to the day-to-day functioning of the business. The service desk sees and understands the minor irritations that fester and cause customer dissatisfaction.

How often can you change in Continual Service Improvement (CSI)?

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Change. It’s a thorny issue for IT service management. Each new update to a service management process needs to provide business value, but how do you balance this against the benefit of settled workflows, consistency, structure and everyone knowing their role? The aim of Continual Service Improvement (CSI) is to make processes, functions, resources and IT services more efficient and effective. CSI...

It’s nearly here! The 2015 Cherwell EMEA Region Conference

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Yes, it’s true. Our customers are our first thing. If you’re a Cherwell customer, you know this. This is the Cherwell culture. This is one reason why we organise and host customer conferences packed with highly relevant and beneficial information combined with ‘real world’ tips our customers can  take back to their organisations. Yes, we want to inspire our customers,...

What is an ITSM customer? What does it mean to Cherwell Software?

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It sounds simple, but if you ask most people “on the street” this question, their answer would equate to a person or organisation that pays for a service or product. If we take that premise forward, we can start to see why many companies struggle with delivering the very best of customer care—they are restricted by the confines of what...

It’s time to stop beating up ourselves about CSI!

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I cannot think of any customer I work with that is not in some way improving. However I worry that they do not see this (or it is not seen by their peers and superiors) as they do not have a formal Continual Service Improvement programme. It is in our nature to improve. We cannot help it. We sometime do...