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Are You a Team Player? Social Collaboration vs. Teamwork

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I admit it: I am a very competitive person. My favorite sports have always been individual sports. In high school, I ran the hurdles in track and loved it. Why? It was me against myself and the rest of the field. If won, I won. And if I lost, I lost. My success or failure was not dictated by the actions...

ITSM Collaboration: More than Social Media

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I swear, if I hear one more ITSM vendor talk about how they do ITSM collaboration and their only proof is integration with some sort of social media tool or a discussion board, I think I’ll throw up. Simply using a service management solution that is integrating with a social media tool or having a discussion board does not mean...

Three Ways to Tell a Better ITSM Story: Cherwell 4.60

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As I am typing, the song “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” by Five for Fighting is in the background—an appropriate segway to my blog. It’s not easy being an IT technician these days is it? Does it ever feel to you like the rest of the business is encroaching on IT? Do you feel like IT is losing control? Everywhere you...

How to Create Trust with ITSM Metrics

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I think I finally stumbled across truth in advertising. I was here in the U.K. about a week into my new role as director of EMEA sales and watching TV when the advertisements came on. I wasn’t paying much attention, (Who watches ads?) but s omething caught my eye. At the bottom of the screen it said “71% of 176...

Social Collaboration Conversation

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In this 14 minute video, Matt Neigh and Phil Gerbyshak continue their series of chats around social media. VIDEO A few of the highlights from the video: How can you define social collaboration? It’s very hard to do, and by definition, there is no definition. Integrating with Twitter is NOT IT social collaboration. Right now, nobody knows what it really...

Social Collaboration Specific to IT

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In this episode, Matt Neigh turns the tables on Phil Gerbyshak and initiates the conversation about social collaboration specifically to the IT department. Some items they discussed include: Does the fact that you have a specialty (a subject matter expert) change your game and make customers push back? How does social collaboration change the support game? How can you, if...

ITSM and Social Collaboration at University of Colorado

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In this episode of Social Collaboration, we talked to Chris Wiggins at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) about his thoughts on social collaboration, why college and universities are great places for innovation, and how to get the more experienced professors to use social collaboration better. Matt also mentioned that everyone should be visiting their local college or university to...

Social Collaboration in ITSM — the Next Big Thing or the Next Time-Waster?

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According to Gartner, “the vast majority of social collaboration initiatives fail.” The press release indicates that, although 70 percent of organizations employ social collaboration, there is only a 10 percent success rate. Why is that?Even more disconcerting are the number of organizations that, in light of the statistics, consider social collaboration to be a big time waster. Is social collaboration a waste of...

Managing Service Desk Changes: 3 Questions that Reduce Anxiety

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I just hung up with the manager at one of the hotels I recently stayed at. They had double-charged me for my room after I had checked out. Okay, those things happen when you are on the road as much as I am. However, I wasn’t okay with the manager trying to convince me that the bill I had received when I checked...

Social Collaboration in Times of Tragedy

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In light of the recent Black Forest fire tragedy in Colorado, we wanted to get you our thoughts on how to use social collaboration in times of tragedy and include some things to keep in mind about social collaboration every day. A few things discussed in this 17 minute 20 second video: How, if at all, can you prepare for...

3 things IT Can Learn from the Ukraine Crisis

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Having grown up in Europe, just a stone’s throw from the “Iron Curtain”—yes, I am old enough to remember that phrase—as well as visiting both Russia and the Ukraine and now living in the U.K., I have been observing the situation in the Ukraine with great interest and sadness. Not to trivialize the devastation and the tension, but l do...