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Knowledge Management and the Future Service Desk

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Up ahead, on the ITIL cave drawings exhibit, we see the old centralized Knowledge Management process. A crudely drawn singular knowledge manager would update the articles. In these dark days of single authorship, knowledge was slowly added and limited by a singular perspective.Welcome to the new age of Knowledge Management. The decentralized manifestation of Knowledge Management enables the process to


The Problem Management Process – Advice from ITIL Experts

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Industry experts are talking shop and swapping thoughts on Problem Management. Knowing that each business is different, they avoid nailing down arduous processes. Instead do their best to define principals of a healthy Problem Management process. Definition of Problem Management The issues behind many Problem Management efforts may start with a faulty definition of what Problem Management is. Barclay Rae,...

Knowledge Management and the Future Service Desk; Part 2: Big Data

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For a moment, think about your ideal service desk. And look, you probably aren’t even visualizing the physical central location. If you’re on the right side of the cutting edge, you hope for a large portion of it to exist virtually, accessible by self service. In an earlier post “Knowledge Management and the Future Service Desk,” we looked at what...

7 CSM Highlights

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In this blog we are highlighting 7 CSM Tools; The Industry’s Best Collaborative Self-Service Portal, Superior Mobility, Truly Codeless & Complete Configurability, OneStep Actions, and IT Project Tracking. 1. The Industry’s Best Collaborative Self-Service Portal Maximize limited IT resources and increase customer satisfaction with our efficient CSM IT self-service portal. Our customers report up to 65% productivity increases. With CSM,...

Let the Cherwell Global Conference Begin!

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Let the Cherwell Global Conference (CGC) Begin! This year at CGC, all of the pre-conference workshops sold out. The sessions presented by the Cherwell Software™ experts provide invaluable insight into the tool, leaving attendees with a whole new perspective on the capabilities of Cherwell Service Management® (CSM). Let’s take a dive into a couple of these sessions. Matthew Bray Nimeth, senior...