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13 Facts about Culture and IT Service Management

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The best conference talks are often not talks, but discussions. Ola Källgården (from itSMF Sweden) led one of the most interesting discussions at the itSMF Sweden conference, on cultural differences and why understanding the impact of culture is vital for global businesses. As a Finn who works within ITSM and is also based in the UK, I found this discussion...

6 Ways to Improve Your Communications and Project Success

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Human interaction is hugely complex and I admit, it fascinates me, especially when it comes to persuading people to change. When I attended Barclay Rae’s breakout session on this topic at the recent SDI Annual Conference, I was not only looking forward to it, but I was also aware that we’d only scratch the surface of such a wide subject...

Leaning towards SIAM at itSMF Sweden

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A few notes about Satyendra Shrotri’s talk at the recent 2015 itSMF Annual Conference As a Finn, going to the Nordics is always enjoyable; this time was no different. The two days at the itSMF Sweden conference in Stockholm was great, thanks to engaging speakers, attendees, and a brilliant conference team that ensured a smooth event for attendees and vendors...