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Going Beyond IT with Advanced MarketPlace

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Going Beyond IT with Advanced MarketPlaceWe’re thrilled to have Advanced MarketPlace (AMP) as a platinum sponsor at the Cherwell Global Conference (CGC). AMP will be sharing how they help their customers go “Beyond IT” with Cherwell Service Management. AMP will also talk about how they are seeing and participating in the modernization of IT. Bill Sheridan, chief strategy officer at AMP, explained, “We’ve finally hit a point where technology and the end user are on the same level; meaning end users have the knowledge and sophistication to where you can deliver more than just IT services through a centralized system. We started calling this concept ‘service and support modernization.’” Tweet this: “We’ve finally hit a point where technology and the end user are on the same level.” For AMP, going Beyond IT has helped them gain excellent industry recognition. Last year’s Forrester report on ITSM implementation service providers cited AMP as one of the best consulting agencies in North America, highlighting their strategy for legacy modernization. Sheridan spoke plainly: “Look, we’ve been trying to drive the concept of getting outside of traditional ITIL service management for years, but with only marginal success. We just didn’t have the tools or platform to make it a reality. Cherwell Service Management provides a modern meta-data platform that’s easy to customize, seamless to upgrade and offers a process-rich and event-rich library that enables customers to do things well beyond the perceived boundaries of IT — and be successful.” At this year’s Cherwell Global Conference, Sheridan will share the keys to this success in his presentation, “Cherwell Beyond IT: Transforming ITSM into Enterprise Service Management.” The session will take a look at the modern factors influencing ITSM’s evolution beyond IT. But he won’t just reveal the destination — he’ll also tell you how to get there. Using current Cherwell Service Management customer use cases, Sheridan will demonstrate how a “Beyond IT” approach can empower IT to automate and support processes across the entire business. AMP President, Matthew Peeples will also present at this year’s Cherwell Global Conference with a session discussing AMP’s best-in-class methodology for extending Cherwell’s use beyond the service desk. “With an in-depth understanding of our clients’ infrastructure, processes and goals, we add value by helping them strategize for the present and future, and leverage Cherwell Service Management to execute their vision of providing services across the business.”

For AMP’s full insights, be sure to catch both Sheridan’s and Peeples’ sessions at this year’s Cherwell Global Conference.

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