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Listen to it Here: The BSA’s Latest Radio Spot

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Have you ever been blissfully rockin’ out in your car, maybe on your way to the gym or home from work, and had your zen-like bubble suddenly popped by sharp pangs of anxiety brought on by a sponsor’s advertisement? No, I’m not talking about an ad run by your political adversary’s SuperPAC or the latest documentary on climate change; I’m talking about a radio spot recently aired by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) in the Los Angeles market, in which listeners, enticed with the prospect of up to $1 million in reward money, are coaxed to report their companies for software piracy. Seriously, this ad is so freakish and menacing, it could rival the cinematic trailer for just about any post-apocalyptic film, complete with the requisite “scary guy” voice over.

Listen to the radio spot here

Although I can’t help but find humor in its delivery, I’m not entirely sure it’s intended to be funny. Perhaps this new scare tactic is their latest approach for drumming up informants. At the very least, if it’s not good purely for comic relief, it might compel you to take another glance at Express Software Manager’s “Am I Compliant” report to make doubly sure you’ve got nothing to fear in the event some disgruntled employee were to reach for the phone.