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BYOD: Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

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Last week we talked about how BYOD wouldn’t inhibit productivity, and employees actually benefit from using their own devices for work. However, the more important question is will employees mind when the tables are turned and work has power/control over their personal device?

I’ve read several articles where BYOD policies seem to come from a place of distrust: I don’t trust you; therefore, you can’t have access to the information.

What if we approached it differently?

I believe the issue is more in regards to security than trust. The policy would allow employees the freedom to use their personal device for work. However, it would also give IT the appropriate control they need for security precautions. Employees would have to bring their device to the IT department to be registered in the service management solution, allowing them to provide mobile device support. Also, a security device would be installed enabling IT to remotely wipe it in the chance that it’s lost.

Employees will probably have different reactions. Some will not want to allow IT control since it is their personal device; others will concede.  However, this gives the employee the choice and still creates a process as well security for the company. Understandably, there are still some companies that legally can’t allow information outside their walls. For the most part safety measures can be handled with a security wipe.

Let’s trust our employees and create a process to enable them to work more productively while still keeping the security needs of the company in mind.

What do you think?