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BYOD – Just a fad, Mobile Device Support – the future

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Matt Neigh, View Comments | Trackbacks (0) | Permalink Wednesday, January 11, 2012 0 0 0 New BYOD – Just a fad; Mobile Device Support – the future I know people find that statement to be a little shocking. We just barely started talking about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy and I’m already stating it’s a fad. My reasoning behind this is that the premise of BYOD, according to the articles I’ve read, is that IT will somehow be able to control it.

Raymond Ray, in Five Rules for ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Teams, does a great job highlighting rules that are important for organizations to consider, but the issue I have is that it assumes you can actually KEEP your employees from bringing their own devices to work. This will not work especially on the managerial lever or with owners. I have a friend who works in IT at a law firm and shortly after Christmas the upper echelon brought in their iPad’s to the service desk for them to be set up. Are you really going to tell a Partner that they can’t BYOD? Or say, “Our help desk doesn’t offer mobile device support”?

I think the question we should be asking isn’t: do we allow our employees to BYOD, but more so: how do we enable our employees to properly use their devices at work. I think the correct term: Bring Your Work to Your Device is what we should be focusing on (BYW2YD). You’ll be hearing a lot about mobile management systems this year; my personal opinion is that mobile management systems will be obsolete before you can even implement them. I know our competitors are taunting their mobile management systems, but if they think they can keep up then good luck!

Over the next five posts I’ll be proposing 5 different ways to deal with BYW2YD programs. My feeling is that it’s important for corporations to develop policies to enable employees instead of blocking them out. Also, IT needs a way to track the metrics in their service management solution of the amount of time they spend helping people with their personal devices. That way when people are in power and using it, we get more out of that usage.

Ultimately I am proposing that our employees really want to work and don’t mind using their devices to accomplish their tasks for the day!

What are your thoughts on BYOD? Does your company have any BYOD programs in place? Do you think that is really containable? I’d like to know.

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