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BYOD: Same Game, Different Playing Field

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We discussed the general idea of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in a previous post, so today we’ll start looking at the first of my five points concerning BYOD: Productivity.

As I mentioned earlier, coming up with a policy and deciding whether we can have BYOD is not the issue. People are bringing their own devices in whether we approve or not, so the main focus needs to be how to support and keep up with the changing technology.

Many are concerned that when employees combine their personal devices with their work phones this could potentially cloud their productivity since they’ll have access to their games, and apps. This isn’t anything new; remember back when Solitaire was on Windows? People have had access to distractions since the dawn of time. People already bring their devices to work, so it doesn’t matter if they use their phone for work as well. Here at Cherwell, I have an Android and my assistant has an iPhone. No one can tell who has mobile device support from Cherwell, and we use them equally. We’re spending energy and resources worrying about if we allow BYOD when we need to be deciding how to support it with mobile management systems.

The big question is that people don’t mind using their personal devices for work, but will they mind when work has control and power over their personal device?