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Spotlight on Judi’s House and the Cherwell Global Conference

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The Cherwell Global Conference (CGC) is different from your standard industry get together. When past attendees describe their experience, they break out the superlatives, including: love and best. And, the feeling goes both ways. Vance Brown, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Cherwell, describes attending the conference as “the most life-giving thing I do the entire year.”

During the CGC, you’ll learn from speakers and discover creative solutions to problems, but you’ll also build relationships. The conference may even get a bit personal. If you attended last year’s CGC, you’ll recall that Vance Brown’s keynote delved deep—he spoke about the tragic, early death of his mentor, and his struggle to help his friend’s grieving young son.

That’s where two of this year’s speakers come in: Brian and Brook Griese. Brian is a former NFL quarterback, and currently a college football analyst for ESPN. He’s also the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Judi’s House, a Denver-based nonprofit devoted to helping grieving children and their families.

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Judi’s House was founded on the belief that all bereaved children and families should have access to effective and compassionate care. Brian was just 12-years-old when his mother Judi died from breast cancer. He felt alone in his grief, struggling to cope with this tremendous loss. During a successful NFL career, he found a way to provide support for children facing similar circumstances. In 2002, Brian and his wife Brook, a clinical child psychologist specializing in trauma and loss, founded Judi’s House with a vision that no child should be alone in grief. Dr. Griese serves as the Executive Director of Judi’s House and its recently established JAG Institute.

Brown was intrigued by Judi’s House—which offers direct services to grieving families, conducts rigorous academic-level evaluation and research, and provides education and training for professionals in the field of childhood bereavement. As his involvement deepened, he discovered that Judi’s House had operational and technology needs that were preventing them from achieving their fundamental purpose to more widely and efficiently conduct this important work. Sound familiar? This is the kind of problem that Cherwell was born to handle.

As Brown says, “One of the great ‘whys’ of Cherwell is not just building great innovation and a great tool for innovation, it’s building community.” It’s helping organizations achieve their purpose.”

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At this year’s conference, Brian and Brook Griese will share their story and their passion for Judi’s House and its mission to help children and families find connection and healing in the midst of their grief.

Watch the video below for Vance Brown’s introduction of Judi’s House and what you can expect at the upcoming Cherwell Global Conference.


The Heart of IT Beats Strong at CGC

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With just weeks to go, Cherwell is ramping up for this year’s Cherwell Global Conference (CGC)! Do you have plans the week of October 2nd? We hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity to share ideas, cultivate relationships, and celebrate the heart of IT. At Cherwell, not a day goes by without celebrating our customer community. This annual event brings together the celebration of the year. Every aspect of the conference, from location to presentations to timing, is crafted to serve and inspire you.

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We welcome you with open arms and we will do our very best to make this a valuable and memorable experience for you.

Build life-long relationships and connections: Nearly any event promises to widen your network of connections. But at the CGC, we think you’ll find you’re not just taking home a collection of business cards and LinkedIn requests, but also building meaningful friendships. Here’s how strong these friendships are: One group of women, who met initially at a Cherwell Global Conference years back, has an annual girls’ weekend together. The initial spark of connection that began at the CGC has led to life-long friendships.

Share ideas: The heart of IT starts with you. We provide the opportunity to share tips and exchange wisdom—expert panels and sessions are a great opportunity for learning, but more importantly, the conversations you have between events and during meals will be just as valuable.

Get involved: We talk a lot at Cherwell about putting customers first—and it’s not just lip service. We’re eager to hear what you want out of Cherwell—this conference presents a great opportunity to share your feedback and help determine the future growth of Cherwell’s products. Your feedback is the primary influence on Cherwell’s priorities and strategies.

You are truly at the center of this conference— we can’t wait to see what you’re all up to, and experience another memorable event together!

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4 Ways to Make the Most of the Cherwell Global Conference

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When anyone asks me about Cherwell Global Conference, I provide three quick disclaimers for context setting.

  1. 2015 was my first Cherwell Global Conference.
  2. Second only to the attendees, as the MC, I had the best view of the event.
  3. I was physically and emotionally drained by week’s end.

I had the honor and pleasure of being the emcee of the event. It was an opportunity to introduce myself to the Cherwell family of customers, partners and even some employees. I took great pleasure in not only placing faces with names of Cherwellians I had heard and read so much about, as well as having a teaching moment of how to pronounce my name.

Prior to joining Cherwell, I had only received bits and pieces of the warmth the Cherwell community provides through various interactions with customers and staff throughout the year. I had been invited to the Cherwell Global Conference in my research analyst role, but I always had a conflict that prevented me from attending. Through multiple channels I would receive some of the post-event feedback you would expect a company to provide an analyst, things like “this was our best conference ever” and “our attendees satisfaction scores were off the charts.” At the same time, I also received post-event feedback you wouldn’t expect a company to provide like, “we learned a lot about our customers at this event” and “we are going to immediately act on what was shared and exchanged.” Now, I’ve been to many vendor conferences, and none of them ever struck me as opportunities for the company to learn about its customers beyond a superficial level. Most vendor conferences feel like three days of infomercials, where the vendor spends most of the time reminding you, the customer, how awesome they are, showing you how to get more value by purchasing more awesome products and solutions.

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But, then I arrived at the Cherwell Global Conference and encountered an entirely different experience.

For starters, 48 percent of Cherwell Global Conference sessions are customer-driven. Across the available tracks there were opportunities to see the remarkable things our customers do and are genuinely excited to share with others, so that they can go back to work the following week and start doing some of the same things for their own organizations. Twenty five percent of the sessions are from Cherwell product experts, who work to ensure customers extract the most value possible from their existing investment. Product experts span the gamut of Cherwellians – from Professional Services, Solution Consultants, R&D and even partners, and they also are genuinely excited to share their expertise and examples of customers who have gleaned value from the various features and functions of Cherwell Service Management.

For any given session, there’s a healthy mix of customers, partners, and employees in the room for one reason: they all want to hear a compelling story, and the Cherwell Global Conference will not disappoint. Any IT leader, regardless of IT maturity level of ITSM project status would be hard pressed not to walk away with a Monday morning action plan.

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So – how can you as an attendee get the most out of the 4th Cherwell Global Conference? Here’s my advice:

  1. Pace yourself. Pre-conference workshops do an outstanding job of providing administrators the tools and just-in-time training they need to manage their Cherwell environments, in addition to providing tips and tricks to optimize their environment. Use those as the opportunities to bring back what you need to sharpen your skill set, and note that if you can’t be at all the pre-conference sessions you’d like to be in, you can easily grab time with an expert in the Developer Darkroom or the CGC Lounge – so don’t put so much pressure on yourself to get everything “done” in the first two days.
  1. Cross the tracks. Cherwell Global Conference offers 5 separate tracks – Learn, Connect, Share, Develop and Collaborate – of session types to choose from, so make it a priority to cross over as you comb through the schedule to select your sessions. Also know that as an attendee you’ll have access to all of the sessions, even if you can’t attend them. You’ll have an opportunity to see what was spoken to and addressed, which is great if you plan on following my next piece of advice.
  1. Introduce yourself. There’s no shortage of opportunities to engage with fellow Cherwell customers throughout the week so take advantage of that time to find a peer in your industry who may be facing some of the same IT and business challenges as you are, and can help you understand how Cherwell can help solve them. Any Cherwell employee can help you if you’re not comfortable tapping someone on the shoulder – and I’ll personally offer to broker any introduction you’d like. This also goes for any member of Cherwell’s Executive Team. If you have an idea, a suggestion, a recommendation or yes, even an issue that warrants their attention, do not hesitate to let them know. We believe feedback is the breakfast of champions.
  1. Be vocal. The wonderful part about the Cherwell Global Conference is that we always make sure to be close enough to you to effect change in real time. That means if something is not working for you or there’s something you wish we would do different, don’t wait for the post-conference survey to do it – say something as soon as you feel so inclined. I think you’ll be taken aback by how quickly we respond to change!

If you take my advice, you’ll be well on your way to getting the most value out of the CGC. I look forward to seeing you there!

Are you interested in attending one of the best vendor events out there? Be sure you register for the 4th Annual CGC today! 


How B/E Aerospace Uses ITSM Technology to Solve Human Resources Challenges

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B/E Aerospace is the world’s leading manufacturer of aircraft cabin interior products. As Director of Global Support Services, one of my main objectives is to ensure our end users – Engineers, Accountants, Sales Representatives, Executives and Operations Staff – are receiving the best service as quickly as possible, so that everyone remains productive. With over 10,000 employees, this is not an easy feat.

In 2010, I began my search for a solution to meet our internal IT Service Management needs. At the time, B/E Aerospace was using an outsourced provider.  We went through the process of identifying internal processes and setting up a team.  We anticipated taking over 150,000 calls each year with only fourteen service desk technicians. With a lean service desk team and such a large end user base to support, we needed a system that was robust, yet flexible enough to meet our needs.  After our selection process and implementing Cherwell within our IT department, we discovered that its functionality could help us streamline other areas of the business.

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Using ITSM Technology in Human Resources

One of the biggest problems my team faced was an overload of HR-related emails, calls, and self-service tickets that contained inconsistent information, required extensive follow-up in order to obtain accurate details, and were not 100 percent IT-focused. Since I understood the capabilities available in Cherwell, I knew the solution could help restructure this HR on-boarding and off-boarding process that was overloading my team.

I knew my team was struggling with this excess work, so I took it upon myself to sit down with our HR leadership team to discuss the process and propose a solution that I thought would benefit everyone. The HR team agreed with my proposal to leverage the capabilities in Cherwell to manage the on-boarding and off-boarding process, and we spent close to three weeks with the HR team to fully understand and outline their process.

The HR team has a checklist of activities that need to be completed when an employee is on-boarded or off-boarded. These activities include anything from providing/removing access to a system to creating a payroll account. In order to guarantee the collection of accurate information, account for all necessary tasks, and automate the process, we set up a self-service form within Cherwell with a list of questions HR will answer when a new employee begins working or is terminated from B/E Aerospace. In addition, we configured behind-the-scenes automation rules to remove as much manual work as possible.

For example, when an employee leaves the company, it is likely that their manager will require access to the data on their personal network drive. Unfortunately, this is not as simple as turning on their computer and logging in. At B/E Aerospace, we have legal checks and balances to make sure we don’t violate any privacy laws. When an HR self-service form is completed and a manager requests access to a terminated employee’s data, a legal review case is created in Cherwell. The legal team is assigned the case, reviews the manager’s legal justification for access, and either approves or denies the request. When the request is approved, a Cherwell ticket is automatically created and assigned to the networking department to allow the manager access to the former employee’s personal drive.

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The ROI of ITSM Technology

Initially, we spent several weeks understanding the process HR follows, but the return on that time was extensive. We are a very large company and off-board approximately 1000 people each year, with a third of them requiring legal review. The self-service form, along with the automated workflow has eliminated the inconsistent data and clean-up activities formerly performed by our IT Service Desk team. This has saved IT approximately 21 hours each month, and it took us only 3 hours to implement the process in Cherwell. As a result, we’ve cut both the HR and IT team’s time formerly spent managing on-boarding and off-boarding tasks.

Because Cherwell is intuitive and easy to master, HR trained their own team on how to use the tool. This was a win-win situation for everyone involved and caused us to look at other processes throughout the organization that could benefit from Cherwell’s service management capabilities.

We found that IT purchasing suffered from the same challenges, inconsistent information, and plenty of unnecessary clean-up. We were able to follow a very similar format and automate the purchasing process for approximately 2000 requests annually. Needless to say, this also saves the service desk time and money.

We have had such success with Cherwell’s ability to simplify and automate processes, both in and out of our IT department, that we intend to continue expanding. The next group we expect to work with is our Facilities team. We’ll start with Cherwell’s Facilities Essential mApp and then configure it to meet our exact requirements. We have no doubt that we will be able to leverage Cherwell far beyond what we have already accomplished and it’s a bonus that it is so simple for us to do!

Integrating line of business processes with the underlying framework offered by ITSM solutions has never been easier. How do you convince non-IT departments to leverage your existing ITSM software?

Download our new eBook: How to Talk to the Business about Enterprise Service Management

Going Beyond IT with Advanced MarketPlace

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Going Beyond IT with Advanced MarketPlaceWe’re thrilled to have Advanced MarketPlace (AMP) as a platinum sponsor at the Cherwell Global Conference (CGC). AMP will be sharing how they help their customers go “Beyond IT” with Cherwell Service Management. AMP will also talk about how they are seeing and participating in the modernization of IT. Bill Sheridan, chief strategy officer at AMP, explained, “We’ve finally hit a point where technology and the end user are on the same level; meaning end users have the knowledge and sophistication to where you can deliver more than just IT services through a centralized system. We started calling this concept ‘service and support modernization.’” Tweet this: “We’ve finally hit a point where technology and the end user are on the same level.” For AMP, going Beyond IT has helped them gain excellent industry recognition. Last year’s Forrester report on ITSM implementation service providers cited AMP as one of the best consulting agencies in North America, highlighting their strategy for legacy modernization. Sheridan spoke plainly: “Look, we’ve been trying to drive the concept of getting outside of traditional ITIL service management for years, but with only marginal success. We just didn’t have the tools or platform to make it a reality. Cherwell Service Management provides a modern meta-data platform that’s easy to customize, seamless to upgrade and offers a process-rich and event-rich library that enables customers to do things well beyond the perceived boundaries of IT — and be successful.” At this year’s Cherwell Global Conference, Sheridan will share the keys to this success in his presentation, “Cherwell Beyond IT: Transforming ITSM into Enterprise Service Management.” The session will take a look at the modern factors influencing ITSM’s evolution beyond IT. But he won’t just reveal the destination — he’ll also tell you how to get there. Using current Cherwell Service Management customer use cases, Sheridan will demonstrate how a “Beyond IT” approach can empower IT to automate and support processes across the entire business. AMP President, Matthew Peeples will also present at this year’s Cherwell Global Conference with a session discussing AMP’s best-in-class methodology for extending Cherwell’s use beyond the service desk. “With an in-depth understanding of our clients’ infrastructure, processes and goals, we add value by helping them strategize for the present and future, and leverage Cherwell Service Management to execute their vision of providing services across the business.”

For AMP’s full insights, be sure to catch both Sheridan’s and Peeples’ sessions at this year’s Cherwell Global Conference.

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3 Steps to Selecting a New Service Desk Tool

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Quick Take [Infographic]

Being asked to select a new IT service management (ITSM) tool can be a daunting task. This infographic lays out 3 key steps to take before taking the plunge.

Replacing your ITSM tool is not a ‘one size fits all’ situation. Every business is different, and each has its own exact needs. So, if you’re going to get this selection process right, you need to stop and consider a few key points that will help you with this process. Download this eBook and learn industry luminary, Malcolm Fry’s, top 10 points for consideration.