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Continual Service Management

5 Tips to Make CSI Stick

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Continual Service Improvement (CSI) seems to be an ITSM process that many IT help desk teams seem to have trouble making stick. Perhaps the reason for this is in the name — it should be continual. In a recent webinar, Tony Ranson, a consultant with the Service Desk Institute (SDI) and someone with a deep understanding of CSI, provided the...

Chasing the CSI Dream? 5 Top Tips to Get Better at Getting Bet

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Quick Take [Infographic] Every service desk/help desk wants to improve how it performs and delivers support. We all want to get better, but what we really need is to get better at getting better. This infographic highlights 5 tips to consider. But how do we realize that CSI dream and embed it in a way that sticks? For most teams, CSI...

The Service Desk and CSI: Gateway to Improvement

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When you are looking to establish a program and an ethos of continual service improvement (CSI), remember that your service desk team is in the perfect position to discover and drive service improvements that will make a difference to the day-to-day functioning of the business. The service desk sees and understands the minor irritations that fester and cause customer dissatisfaction.

How often can you change in Continual Service Improvement (CSI)?

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Change. It’s a thorny issue for IT service management. Each new update to a service management process needs to provide business value, but how do you balance this against the benefit of settled workflows, consistency, structure and everyone knowing their role? The aim of Continual Service Improvement (CSI) is to make processes, functions, resources and IT services more efficient and effective. CSI...