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Podcast: How to Change the Culture of ITSM—One Person at a Time

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cultureblogOne of Cherwell’s biggest highlights of 2015 was the time spent at Fusion15 in New Orleans with the AllThingsITSM crew. This amazing and tireless team does an outstanding job bringing together some of the best ITSM pros for open, candid discussions about how to advance the collective state of the ITSM industry at large with their Global ITSM podcasts.

Members of #TeamCherwell, both official and honorary, sat down with Carlos Casanova and Kirstie Magawon to discuss a wide range of IT service management topics including people management, evangelism, the hero culture plaguing IT, and the underwhelming number of women in IT leadership roles. Talk about a full gamut of topics!

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing these podcasts with you. (The second and third podcasts can be found here and here). Feel free to continue the conversation in the comments section – we’d love to hear from you!

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Podcast #1: How to Change the Culture of ITSM—One Person at a Time

I used to work with an analyst who once said to a client “If you can’t change the people, change the people.” But it wasn’t so much a call to fire his entire staff; rather, it was a call to lead. It was imperative that he reconsider his approach towards getting his team to see the bigger picture and to work together to achieve their organization goals.

In fact, it is always about the people; any good ITSM consultant worth his or her salt will tell you that. You can establish and automate best-practice processes with world-class technology, but if the people don’t follow those processes or use those tools then we run into serious issues, particularly as we try to simultaneously increase the levels of agility and stability.

This video podcast is not only a testament to the above, but a reminder that when it comes to people enablement, often the biggest mistake we make is assuming the team is all on the same page because everyone shares a certain certification. But sometimes we need to slow down to speed up.

In this global podcast, Tim Short, Service Delivery Manager at AgriBank, explains how his IT team overcame the “people” hurdle in ITSM and moved toward greater alignment within the business:

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A big thanks to Tim for sharing his journey with the ITSM community, and a big shout out to the folks at AllThingsITSM for making this happen. Later this week we will unveil Podcast #2: Do us all a FavorStop Rewarding the Service Desk “Hero”.