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National Swimming Pool Foundation Uses ITSM to Automate Aquatic Certification Training

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As our website notes, “We are the world’s leading organization for training and certification of aquatic professionals.” Simply stated, we are the aquatic-focused educational training provider for any facility where people are in the water. This includes pools, spas, hospital hydrotherapy, sports facilities, and most any other water-related facility.

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These aquatic resources present special challenges to their staff because of the presence of not only water, pipes, electricity, filters, and water treatment processes for disease prevention, but also dangerous chemicals. If these elements are properly maintained and used according to instructions, issues are scarce; all of the users remain healthy. However, the potential for accidents is an ongoing concern.

Most states require training certification for all staff who manage these potentially hazard-producing situations and chemicals; that’s where my company comes in. NSPF has everything aquatic training related. We design customized training programs and specialized manuals to provide training to meet each individual’s requirements.

NSPF Instructors host classes using the NSPF courses and exams. As the certifying body for all of this training, all exams are sent to us for processing. We issue the final certifications, more than 425,000 thus far.

You can’t imagine the challenges that I have faced in trying to deal with the record-keeping aspects of my company. Providing software to deal with time-consuming processes, involving complex record-keeping, tracking of multiple programs and classes, student and instructor records, as well as maintaining the certification records for an ever expanding customer database, used to be a nightmare. It was easy for something to get lost in the shuffle, and our former CRM system offered little help. It was like juggling swords with your hands behind your back – an inefficient process with a potentially disastrous outcome.

My team and I inherited an old CRM system. I knew there must be something better available, and I set out to find it as soon as I was given the responsibility to replace the system. I never realized there were so many CRMs; it proved to be a formidable task. I needed to find something more flexible, something that could be configured specifically to my company’s needs. After an extensive search, I finally found a solution with Cherwell in 2012.

I’m not used to touting another company’s product but in Cherwell’s case, I am happy to make an exception. Cherwell has really made a difference for my company. I don’t know how we did without it, and I really mean that. Cherwell has brought greatly improved organization to our company, our database, and our record-keeping process. We have already used Cherwell to house all of the previously disparate certification courses for every entity that we service.

I quickly learned the software is user-friendly for both instructors and students. Using Cherwell, our individual instructors can instantaneously submit their course records, eliminating missing paperwork, and expediting the certification process for students and results for instructors. Course selection is now a breeze for the students. They can easily access our website and choose a course in their proposed area of expertise that meets their specific state requirements, including necessary topics and procedures.

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I love the way it has taken over the tracking process and the efficient way everything is recorded now. The once onerous, hit-or-miss task of tracking the education records has been completely automated. No more wondering who attended what class, when it was taught, and who taught it; Cherwell tracks not only the instructor for each course, but also which topics were taught, who attended the course at which location, and when they took it. Our certification process has certainly become a seamless one, thanks to Cherwell and its organizational capabilities. 

As I see it, the potential for Cherwell to our company is only limited by our ability to define, conceive, and implement its solution in every aspect of our business. It doesn’t matter what needs to be automated; we’ve found that we can do it with Cherwell. Our independent Instructors appreciate how easy it is to submit their records online, secure in the knowledge that they will be properly managed. Our students like the way that everything they need to succeed is at their fingertips, with just a few key strokes. Even our course purchases and customer service records are now tracked and managed in Cherwell.

I looked at a lot of systems before I decided to purchase Cherwell and I’m glad that I did! I can tell you one thing for sure: you could do a whole lot worse than Cherwell but you certainly couldn’t do better — and you can take that to the bank!  

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