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Cherwell Software Intern Program

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With September upon us, we find Cherwell getting heavy hearts as it means our summer interns will be heading back to school and leaving us. We’ve so enjoyed having them here. We will definitely miss them but hope we’ve been a part of equipping them for their future endeavors!Our internship program is for students enrolled in a college/university program. This year we had internships in technical writing, customer experience, marketing, business process, sales, and HR.  They all worked on projects throughout the summer in the respective departments. They also had the opportunity to plan and coordinate the Cherwell summer party—a fiesta for our Cherwell Software employees and their families. They were responsible for the whole party, soup to nuts, within a given budget. The party was the best we’ve ever had, much thanks to their fun loving spirits and great planning skills. And they only used 70% of the budget—interns after my own heart!

The Interns have been able to participate in management luncheons, where they can learn from other managers within the company. These luncheons are meant to give the interns an opportunity to ask questions and learn about the company, as well as how to network with others. In turn, we get to learn what interns are looking for in future employers. We also set-up an HR workshop, where they learned about how to navigate job searching and interviewing. This workshop also focused on editing their resumes so that will have an up-to-date resume upon leaving Cherwell Software.

We just celebrated the intern’s hard work this past Friday at Brunswick Zone; I and the other two founders of Cherwell gave them a run for their money in a little bowling. We’re so thankful for all their hard work and the contributions each of their strengths made to our greater story! But enough from me, here’s a few of their thoughts on the program:

What Was the Biggest Thing You Learned?

“Sharing a common goal allows for a greater commitment between management and employees as well as between coworkers.” – Bethany M.

“I expected to come to Cherwell Software and work on some things, but I did not expect how helpful my manager would be in learning all the ins and outs of how my work was going to be applied. I’ve gained a confidence in seeing how a marketing team operates.” – Cole E.

“The biggest thing I learned in terms of my specific position was how to think analytically and how efficiency can be achieved.” –Divya R.

“This experience gave me hope for my future in the workplace—because I actually enjoyed and had fun in my job this summer!” – Dylan B.

Best Part of Working at Cherwell?

“…the feeling that the company really utilizes my strengths to contribute to the company, and also recognizing my value. Everyone is appreciative, and even better—they’re interested in what I’m doing. I doubt many CEOs read the intern’s work and come over to acknowledge it. So much to say, at Cherwell Software, my skills are capitalized on and valued in a really affirming way. “– Paul F.

“…the atmosphere, I love the fact that the interns are treated like employees, and are given actual responsibilities that have noticeable impacts. I also really enjoy the fact that everyone here is so friendly and they are always willing to assist in any questions that I may have.” – Ben B.

“I love how Cherwell makes its interns feel like part of a community. I actually feel like I am part of the Cherwell team and I am constantly thanked by others in my department for how helpful I have been this summer. It’s great to feel like you are making a difference in the business even as an intern.” – Noelle B.