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Cherwell Software Wins “Business Excellence in IT” Award

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Cherwell Software Wins "Business Excellence in IT" AwardIn the highly competitive world of IT service management, big trophies for awards shouted from the rooftops are fantastic. And there is no doubt that 2013 has been a banner year for Cherwell Software for these kinds of awards: SDI’s Vendor of the Year Award, Forrester and itSMF’s Most Exciting Software Company, high recognition on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for ITSSM Tools, a special call out from Forrester Research for the SaaS delivery of Cherwell Service Management, just to name a few.

But sometimes, the award that few people hear about can be the most meaningful—especially when that award validates a vision to make the community in which you live a better place for everyone.

We received one of those awards this past Saturday night in our own proverbial “backyard.” We at Cherwell Software received the “Award for Business Excellence in the Information Technology Sector,” awarded to us by the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance.

The annual gala on Saturday evening, November 9, 2013, was held at the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort, a gorgeous evening at the foot of Pikes Peak and a gathering of the city’s business community leaders.

The award was especially meaningful to us because of our love for the Colorado Springs community, demonstrated through programs like our partnership with UCCS. The program is the realization of a dream our CEO Vance Brown has had for a long time. Undergraduates are trained on Cherwell Service Management® and then equipped to interface with campus departments to build Cherwell modules that automate business processes. Departments like facilities management, the graduate business school, and human resources today have tailored solutions to deliver more efficient and effective services to students and faculty.

More importantly, students are graduating with the skills needed to step right into a service management job. Though the program requires a lot of resources and commitment from Cherwell Software, it’s an amazing example of how business and academic leaders can come together to build real solutions.

But that is just one example. As I write this, our philanthropy team is organizing our company’s contribution to Tessa, a local organization that provides support to women and single mothers who have experienced domestic violence. The team is also lining up matching gifts to Interfaith Hospitality Network, a group who organizes the adoption of families who have been going through tough seasons and can benefit from the encouragement and practical help from organizations in the city. In the past year, we’ve done silent auctions for our firefighters, food drives, and sponsorships of hurting children.

It’s been a tough year in Colorado Springs—floods and the fires, as well as the host of other challenges cities like us experience in the days we live. But it has also been a year of unprecedented cooperation among businesses, government, and nonprofit organizations to provide support for those hurting in our community.

Why did this award mean a lot to us as a company? Because it represents the investment we’ve made in the lives of the people we live with. And at the end of the day, that is the most important investment of all.