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Cherwell’s Culture Wins

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I attended the HDI Conference in Orlando a few weeks ago, just three days into my new assignment as marketing director for Cherwell. Three fantastic days: listening in on account executives’ conversations with new clients; watching Matt Neigh (Cherwell technology evangelist) deliver engaging demos; meeting new folks — some current clients and many soon-to-be clients.

Watching our Cherwell team in action brought to mind a phrase from my reading of Steve Jobs’ biography earlier this year: “Perfection,” Paul Jobs taught young Steve, “means caring about the craftsmanship even of the parts unseen.” When I coached high school football (a number of years ago), I would say it this way: “It’s not ‘practice makes perfect.’ It’s ‘perfect practice makes perfect.’” What Apple taught us over the past 25 years is that execution in every detail is the game changer.

What most of us forget, I think, is that it takes a culture to support this kind of hard fought and difficult commitment to craftsmanship. It’s what we call our noble cause — listening to our customers and serving their needs — and it’s why Vance Brown (CEO and chairman) believes, “Culture wins.” At the end of the day, it’s the culture that we create that empowers us to fulfill the promises we make to our customers and stakeholders.

What I saw at the HDI Conference in Orlando was the Cherwell culture in action, in a thousand small ways and big ways. It helped me understand how this culture produced truly unique product solutions:

  • Caring about craftsmanship drives Carrie Cornella, director of client services. “Our customers drive our business strategies: their insight into industry changes and requirements, their creative use of our software, and their willingness to collectively strategize and validate future initiatives.”
  • This customer-centric paradigm explains why we don’t charge seat licenses for managers and other leaders to view data and create reports. There is a deep conviction that data belongs to our clients, and therefore, they shouldn’t be penalized (read: charged) for mining their own data.
  • Caring about craftsmanship explains why Arlen Feldman, chief architect at Cherwell, listens so carefully to our clients. It is the secret behind the innovative solutions he and his team have created, including Platform as a Service (PaaS), Codeless Business Application Technology (CBAT), Simple One-Step action design, and fully integrated social media tools (imagine approving a work order through Twitter).

Culture wins. And when the right culture is in place, we all win. Learn more about what shapes Cherwell’s culture.