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Colorado Wildfire Fortifies the Cherwell Service Management Family

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After having been in the corporate office for a week I have been able to reflect on the value of teamwork and the dynamics of a team. Being in a business development role I work mostly on the road or from my home office, so although I am separated from my colleagues by thousands of miles I am still part of a team, albeit a virtual team. Without a passionate, knowledgeable team behind me I could not be successful. My colleagues frequently go beyond the call of duty to help me support organizations reviewing Cherwell Service Management but this week was truly enlightening.

I was eager to be working in the Colorado Springs office.  I arrived on Tuesday morning all excited to see my colleagues, hug my friends and meet the many new employees who have joined since my last visit.

It was the last week of the quarter (very busy for everyone in the organization) and the Senior Management team was due to fly out to Arizona for an Executive Summit.

But as anyone who reads the newspapers will know, this week was no ordinary week.  A raging Colorado wildfire (The Waldo Canyon Fire) forced tens of thousands to flee their homes. The fire destroyed an estimated 346 residences this week, making it the most destructive fire in the state’s history.

Many of my colleagues had to evacuate their homes on very short notice, just grabbing a few personal items, packing their children and pets into the car and fleeing for safer areas.  As soon as the fires hit, Vance Brown, our CEO, cancelled the upcoming summit in order to make himself and other Cherwell employees available to help anyone in need. The Cherwell team responded by opening their homes and supporting each other.

Even our customers called — not to ensure their service would continue uninterrupted (which it did) — but to offer their encouragement, support and even their homes.

Cherwell is more than just a team, we are a family. My thoughts are with my colleagues at this sad time.