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Corporate Culture Series: Great Cultures Start with Great Leadership

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Everyone wants to be the best. Best products. Best work environments. Best company. What if there was one way to improve all of those at the same time by simply tweaking one thing — culture.  Culture holds the key to all of the above. If you create the right culture, creativity will breed, hard workers will cultivate wonderful products, and loyalty will ensure your company stands the test of time. Culture is the means by which good companies thrive and bad companies self-destruct.

In my next few blogs, I’ll explore several facets of culture and how they directly impact your company as whole. Our first topic is leadership.

Leadership is the foundation upon which corporate culture is built. Values, practices, attitude, grace, and actions are all passed down from the top. I view leadership as an intricate water system. Here in Colorado, so much of our water supply comes from our precipitation in the winter months. Snow accumulates on the mountains, and come spring, our majestic, snow-covered peaks melt and form many of the streams, rivers, and lakes that run through our state. Since we are in an arid part of the country, we depend on our winter snowfall. If we have a dry winter, it affects our ski season and even leaks into our summer tourist attractions. Rivers run low. Streams dry up. Lakes get depleted. However, when the source is sufficient, it trickles down, and its benefits overflow into so many areas.

Our tourism, recreation, and agriculture all depend on something as simple and small as snowflakes.

In the same way, when good leadership is lived out, those visions, values, and behaviors trickle down to impact others, shaping the corporate culture. The whole company is in sync when the management leads by example. Good culture starts at the top; it’s the abundant and intentional source that keeps the culture from running dry.

How has great leadership impacted you or how has your leadership impacted someone?

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. –John Quincy Adams