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Culture Shines Through

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blog-img-cultureCustomer account management is always a joy (especially when you know you have a happy customer), but it can also bring opportunities to shine in several ways. Discussing past performance as well as customers’ aspirations with your product is always interesting.

From a sales perspective, we’re always looking in our customer base for additional revenue opportunities, and sometimes we find them, but we don’t always act upon them—for the customer’s benefit.

I was recently with a Cherwell Software™ customer when the subject of change management, a commonly discussed ITIL process, came up. This particular customer felt their license count was insufficient to handle all of the change approvers they needed; they needed  many more licenses! A great sales opportunity, I thought, and one that would help me surpass my quarterly revenue target.

But wait—change approvers do not need a license with Cherwell Service Management®. Approvals can be done via the self-service portal and even by e-mail, which does not require a license.

Now, I know some sales people would grasp this opportunity with both hands, “do the deal,” and sit back and wait for the commission. But here at Cherwell Software, we are different. Our culture is one of openness, honesty and transparency, and most of all, we are extremely customer oriented. We put the customers first at the core of everything we do.

Imagine the customer’s reaction when they learned their approvers could approve for free! Yes, I told them they didn’t need additional licenses just to “click to approve”!

How foolhardy I hear you say, but as our CEO always says, ‘customers’ needs and their satisfaction remains our top priority’…instead of focusing first on the bottom-line dollar.

As a result of our culture, we are winning through time-and-time again. This particular customer now wants to take Cherwell Service Management into all other areas of the business and is in need of several hundred additional, required licenses.

This customer recognises the Cherwell Software culture and have become very supportive in our other sales opportunities—acting as a reference, proving that culture wins, (every time) over dollars. The Cherwell Software culture continues to be seen by our prospects and customers as one of our key differentiators in this highly competitive market.

What do you value from vendors? What do you wish they’d do differently?