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Customer Appreciation Month Update: Announcing the Winners of the Kindle Customer Challenges!

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The start of October marks the end of Customer Appreciation Month. We dedicated September to letting our customers know that we’re grateful for the opportunity to support them day after day and year after year with their IT asset management initiatives. Between the customer referrals, great product feedback, ESID machine scans, and occasional comic relief we receive from our end-users, we want you all to know how much we appreciate your continued business and loyalty.

In our last newsletter, we announced we’d have three challenges, the nature of which would be explained in three emails that would arrive over the course of three subsequent weeks. Each winner would receive a Kindle 3G Wi-Fi.

As promised, we are publishing the winners of the three Kindle Customer Challenges we held during the month of September, along with a recap of each of the contests that were held.

Challenge #1: 11th Responder

The first challenge was a feat of both dexterity and timing; the 11th person—in honor of our 11 years in business—to respond to the email announcing the contest would win the first Kindle. Some of you were surely cursing the interface on your mobile device (and whoever dreamed up this challenge), thinking “What sys admin is ever caught sitting at their desk?” Apparently about 100 of you!

Congratulations to Karl Duerr of Chemtura Corporation for his impeccably-timed response!

Challenge #2: Haiku Contest

For those of you who are slow of finger but quick of mind, the next contest was the one for you: It involved writing a Haiku about your use of Express Software Manager. Over 50 of you unleashed your inner poet, and the results were impressive. The winner of this contest crafted a poetic masterpiece that adhered to the technical requirements of a traditional Haiku (three lines comprised of the following numbers of syllables: 5-7-5).

Thank you to Steve Peretti of Chief Leschi Schools for his magnum opus!

Tech-know-logy soars
Drowning in inventory
A-ah, Express Metrix

Check out the other Haikus we received from customers.

Challenge #3: “Most Improved” Award

In our final challenge, we were looking for the customer who, through no fault of their own, suffered the most lamentable case of pre-Express Software Manager spreadsheet horror. Customers were asked to send us the spreadsheet they used to attempt to manage their IT assets prior to using Express Software Manager; whichever entry evoked the greatest of anxiety among our stalwart technical support team would win the final Kindle 3G. One of our judges has yet returned to work due to the stress caused by viewing the files. 🙂

Congratulations to Art Chabon of the US Air Force for conquering the chaos!