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Customer Experience: Beyond ‘Just a Customer’ Experience

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Beyond Customer Experience
Man, I’m a softy. To be fair, TD Canada’s “TD Thanks You” video is a tearjerker. I had to keep telling myself to keep it together in the workplace. Such a softy.

TD gave their customers personalized gifts from an “automated teller machine” turned “automated thanking machine.” The commercial followed some of the unique ways TD found to thank their customers. A Blue Jays fan first received a new jersey and hat to replace his beat-up gear. Much better, he met Toronto slugger, Jose Bautista who told him he’ll be throwing out the first pitch at the Jay’s game. Like a little kid again, the guy was over the moon.

A mother was given two RESPs (Registered Education Savings Plan) with 1,000 dollars each for her two kids. But TD, for being a bank especially, is great at thinking beyond money. The automated thanking voice says, “Here’s the thing, if you tell your kids, ‘Hey, here’s an RESP,’ they’ll say naaaa…but when you take them to a place like Disney…” Touched, the mom started crying, and said, “I’ve never been able to take my kids anywhere.”

At this point, I’m clenching my teeth, telling myself, “Be cool. Be cool.”

Finally, TD thanked a customer whose daughter was living in Trinidad and had an operation for her cancer. They thanked the woman for being a great mother, and said, “During this time, we’ve come to know how giving, loving, and supportive you are, especially to your daughter in Trinidad. She’s a lucky woman to be able to call you mom…You’re going to see your daughter in Trinidad.” And a plane ticket slid out of the dispenser.

What TD did right was thank their customers, not just for being customers to them. They know there is so much more to them than being a TD customer, and more impressively, they knew exactly what those things were. Instead, TD thanked their each of these customers featured here as a specific, individual person with unique dreams and desires.

That’s the ideal customer experience. When a business is able to understand that your desires and goals go much further than involvement with your company. Instead, they acknowledge they are just one service or one step toward very human goals. For one day, TD overstepped their own service and, by themselves, made their customers’ goals a reality.

TD demonstrated two key characteristics during this latest commercial. They showed that they have an appreciative spirit in how they relate to their customers. Also, they showed that they listened—they really knew their customers. Of course, appreciation and listening go hand in hand.

What measures do you to take to understand each customer as an individual with unique goals, and turn the automated thanking machine into an everyday practice?