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Day One of the Cherwell Global Conference: Looking to the Future

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Being at the Cherwell Global Conference feels electric—more than 700 people are attending, and we all share a common mission: We want to help people and solve problems. All around, I saw people learning, sharing knowledge, and refining their skills. The first day of the conference was jam-packed with goodness—it’s hard to choose standout moments, but here are a few highlights from Day One.

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An emotional keynote and panel discussion: If you’ve met Vance Brown, Cherwell’s Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, you know he’s not afraid to get personal. Vance’s keynote focused on Judi’s House, a charity dedicated to helping families grieving the loss of a loved one—a cause that is near and dear to Vance’s heart.

Brown held a panel conversation with Brook Griese, Ph.D. and her husband, former NFL quarterback Brian Griese, the co-founders of Judi’s House. Brian spoke at length about his own difficulties as a child when his mom, Judi, passed away from breast cancer, and the long-ranging impact of his childhood feelings of anger and loneliness. Brook was the absolute star of the panel conversation—warm, knowledgeable, and empathetic. Brook described the challenges Judi’s House experienced finding technology that supported their needs and drove home the theme of the conference: Innovation with Purpose. The purpose driving Judi’s House—ensuring that no child grieves alone—is incredibly meaningful, and through a partnership with Cherwell, Judi’s House can focus on this core mission, without technology holding them back from achieving their vision.

High energy in the CGC Lounge: The booth-filled hall was a flurry of activity. Everyone was there: technical alliance partners, executive team members, and customer experience folks. Plenty of Cherwell staff and partners were showcasing their services and products. For customers, the CGC Lounge was the place to visit to get more information on Cherwell’s partner ecosystem, and meet the partners who can help take Cherwell solutions to the next level.

2017 Product Futures: Josh Caid, Cherwell’s Vice President of Innovation, provided a smart, thorough overview of the state of the industry, as well as a look forward at the major improvements and projects Cherwell is focused on for the upcoming year. Caid emphasized the importance of IT departments putting people first—instead of building tools to support technology, creating tools that help users do their jobs better.

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In the upcoming year, Cherwell will focus on making our already great ITSM tool even better. We’ll enhance our solution in ways that will reduce training time, and make it as easy as possible to use our technology. A big percentage of our development time will also go toward enhancing the multi-channel experience. And of course, we’ll continue to dream big and build on our company’s history of innovation.

There was tangible excitement as Caid spoke about the possibilities for tech: What if, instead of users visiting a self-service portal to report a broken printer, there were just a button on the printer that people could press to alert IT? Or, what if instead of emailing IT a ticket, people could @ the IT department within Slack or SMS to request a repair or help? From ambient experience to gamification to integrating virtual personal assistants, there are all sorts of ways for IT to provide users with a better, more seamless experience.

The VIP Party: The day culminated with an epic party, which offered an opportunity for everyone to kick back and mingle. It was fun and social—there were lots of drinks, even more food, dueling pianos, and a conga line that could still be going for all I know.

CGC Day One was epic—and I think, a huge success, too. As the second day begins, I’m looking forward to hearing from Craig Harper, our new CEO, and attending as many of the breakout sessions as I possibly can. 

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