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Election Fever…Is Social Media’s Temperature Rising?

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Not only will the U.S. elect a president this November, but France will elect one on May 6. Londoners will elect a mayor on May 3.

Campaigners are ramping up their activities as voters head to ballot boxes —shaking hands, kissing babies, engaging in debates, using social media tools to connect with voters and generate support.

I’m reminded of a really good report by Edelman — The Social Pulpit, Barak Obama’s Social Media Toolkit  — that highlights how social media tools are successfully used to engage and empower voters and supporters.

Now, if social media can help to elect a president and/or a mayor, how can it help a service desk?

Tell us how your service desk is using social media to gain supporters.  And, if you’re looking for tips, have a look at Simon Kent’s Service Desk Transition: Delivery of Tomorrow’s Business Services webinar.  Simon heads up Cherwell’s technical business services group in EMEA.