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April Technical Tip: Excluding Folders from Inventories

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Occasionally, you might want to exclude certain folders from being inventoried by the Express Software Manager client. Here are the two primary customer scenarios in which we see this:


  1. An organization has a large number of folders that either don’t contain executable files or whose files don’t need to be inventoried or managed; excluding folders can help speed up the inventory process.
  2. An organization has folders that are actively used for writing data by other applications. For example, Microsoft SQL FILESTREAM can read and write large quantities of data to designated directories in an NTFS file system. By excluding those directories from the inventory process, one can expedite the inventory process, as well as avoid performance issues while the inventory is taking place.

By default, Express Software Manager excludes the following folders from inventories:

  • Windows temporary Internet files folder
  • Windows system restore points, OS patch/uninstall/DLL cache folders
  • Mac OS system library, backup, and software updates folders

To exclude additional folders from inventories, simply follow these steps:

  1. From the machine menu, click Client Options
  2. In the Inventory tab of the Client Options dialog box, click the Advanced button.
  3. In the Additional Exclude Folders dialog box, click the Add button.
  4. In the Add Exclude Folder dialog box, enter a folder name fragment to specify which folders to exclude from inventory.

For more information on how to specify folder name fragments, use the Admin Console’s help, and search for the topic, “Tips for entering folder name fragments.”