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Experience Cherwell’s “Customers First” Culture at the Cherwell Global Conference

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Cherwell-Global-Conference-LunchThe spring and summer conference season for technology companies is always one in which the ornamental fanfare about the latest and greatest is on full display. It’s an attraction like no other for the customer and prospect alike as bold new products and services summon attendees from the four corners of the earth.

Three years ago as a new Cherwell Software customer, I was eager to attend the inaugural Cherwell Global Conference.

As an IT manager at the Oklahoma Supreme Court, I was eager to learn all that I could about our new product, Cherwell Service Management®. I left for the Cherwell Global Conference with expectations much like any seasoned conference attendee would have. However, what I discovered in Colorado Springs was unlike any other conference I had attended in the past.

From the moment I checked in at the Broadmoor until the time I departed, the people and culture of Cherwell Software was impressively present at every turn. The atmosphere was charged with kinetic energy as I encountered other customers and the Cherwell Software staff.

I quickly perceived a vibrant culture of people who are passionate about their product, but more substantively, are extremely fervent about the success of my organization through the use of their product. It was clear to me that the Cherwell Global Conference wasn’t just about their amazing technology; it was also about our partnership.

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Each learning track at the Global Conference accentuated the endless possibilities that arise when top-notch technology and winning culture are joined together for a greater purpose. The Cherwell staff guided me through my learning tracks and my initial impressions rang true as each course emphasized a product and culture in which the dedication to the best possible customer experience is paramount to all else. As I went from one track to the next, it was apparent that the organization had been diligent in identifying what I wanted as a consumer. They had done an amazing job of meeting those requirements through their innovative products and service offerings, as well as friendly faces.

Tweet this: Dedication to the best possible customer experience is paramount to all else.

The Cherwell Global Conference is in many ways a portal to personalized success. Learning new and resourceful ways to achieve better service levels for customers is wonderful, but  knowing I have a partner who is committed to my success because they genuinely care is simply matchless.

I very much hope to see you at this year’s Cherwell Global Conference, September 1–4 at the Broadmoor in beautiful Colorado Springs. The comprehensive learning tracks and cultural immersion are poised to be nothing short of spectacular.

If you have attended before, what did you like about the conference the most? If you are new to the conference, or a veteran, what are you looking forward to this year? Please leave a comment with your thoughts!


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