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Introducing Apptria Technologies

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You may have heard rumblings about this, but it’s now official: today we announced the spin-off of a new business entity that will focus its development efforts exclusively on further expansion and enhancement of the software catalog used within Express Software Manager.We’re all very excited that our software recognition offerings are receiving additional resources and focus; this is great news both for Express Software Manager users, as well as for our OEM partners. For our end-user customers, the shift guarantees that improving and expanding of Express Software Manager’s software recognition will remain a top priority, as there now exists a dedicated business infrastructure to support exactly that. For our OEM partners, it means there’s a business that’s 100% committed to maintaining the catalog, supporting their implementations, and responding to their unique needs.

Apptria Technologies’ core offering, the Apptria Software Catalog (known to our customers as the Express Software Identification Database), has been under development for almost 15 years as part of our business. Given the growing list of technology providers who license the software catalog, it became apparent that our OEM partners would be best served by a business structured to focus exclusively on their needs. Cherwell Software will continue to focus on its end user customers, and Apptria Technologies will concentrate on developing and enhancing its software catalog.

In the mid- to longer-term, Apptria’s plan is to add new catalog content and other IT asset management components to its portfolio of offerings that allow OEM partners to deliver superior capabilities to their customers.

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