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February Report of the Month: Non-Runnable Files

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Have you ever wanted to collect data related to files that aren’t classified as traditional program files? For example, let’s say you want to know how many MP3 files reside on a machine or group of machines, along with the disk space consumed by those files. Well, you’re in luck… Information related to such “non-runnable” files can easily be collected by Express Software Manager. All you need to do is configure additional file extensions in the Express Administrative Console. To do this, simply go to: Machines Menu > Client Options > Extensions.

The “Non-Runnable Files” report can be grouped in three different ways:

1) Grouped by File Extension. This shows all files with a particular extension, along with their associated byte sizes. (Click image to enlarge.)






2) Grouped by Machine. This reveals all file extensions on a particular machine, along with their file names, sizes, and paths. (Click image to enlarge.)






3) Summary Grouped by Machine. This shows a summary of file counts by extension and disk utilization. (Click image to enlarge.)




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